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Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Program works to raise awareness about the importance of EMS personnel and equipment. The program also promotes statewide support through agency partnerships and community involvement.


Develop Strategies to Ensure the Recruitment and Retention of EMS Volunteers
Work to place a state focus on volunteer creation and development. Develop strategies to assure the recruitment and retention of EMS and fire volunteers. Work to assure that the EMS education standards are attainable to volunteers in terms of time, costs and resource demands. Develop easy, effective entry points for EMS and fire volunteers. Work with affected agencies and local governments to identify existing and emerging barriers to volunteer participation in the EMS and fire systems.

Work With Partner Agencies to Position Oregon's EMS System as World-Class and Affordable for the Average Oregonian

Work with partner EMS agencies, providers, committees, volunteers and concerned citizens to position Oregon’s EMS system as world class. Raise awareness of the life-saving importance of EMS personnel and equipment to encourage statewide support and involvement. Increase emphasis on the need for well-trained personnel and equipment in rural and volunteer agencies. Create and fund affordable, local and accessible EMS training statewide for pre-hospital and hospital personnel responding to motor vehicle crashes, to aid in reaching and sustaining this goal. Continue work towards meeting and exceeding national standards.

   '18 - '19
EMR1,5361,605 +69
Advanced   187   197 +10
Intermediate  760  686  -74
Paramedics39434039 +96

Kelly Kapri
Program Manager

Transportation Safety Office
ODOT-TLC Building, MS 3
4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302-1142

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