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Safe Following Distance

Safe Following Distance is an important consideration for safe motor vehicle operation. Following too close related crashes rated 9th as the most common driver errors in Oregon for 2020. Issues about following distance receive less attention in the media, perhaps due to the seemingly everyday nature of this type of crash. Rear end collisions often cause death and injury due to speed. 

Failure to avoid a stopped or parked vehicle ahead was the number one driver error in 2020. Distractions often contribute as a variable in the severity of these types of crashes.
ORS 811.147. Failure to maintain safe distance from motor vehicle

Safe Following Distance Media

Following Too Close Billboard with a graphic showing correct following distance - Text reads Give Yourself Time to React. Avoid Following Too Closely.


Kelly Kapri 
Program Manager
DMV - Transportation Safety Office
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314