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ADA Curb Ramp Design Exceptions

The design exception process is intended to ensure that sound engineering decisions are made when design options are limited.

Exceptions to design standards should be discussed early in the design process when project limits are first determined. All design exception requests must show justification.

Curb Ramp Design Checklist
  • Exhibit B - Curb ramp style co​mpanion document. Please note: Standard drawings and design manual must be used to design curb ramp​s.​
  • Exhibit D - Illustrates the gutter flow slope requirements, based on the intersection control type.

​For design exceptions, we only use digital signatures. While ink signatures are legally valid, this type of signature is more secure and helps us store these important documents electronically.

Using digital signatures on design exception requests.

Be sure to follow the procedures noted below to avoid unwanted delays.

Digital Seals - Refer to TSB21-01(D), Digital Seal and Signature Requirements for Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Please note: Applying for an exception does not guarantee approval. Exceptions must be submitted at or before the Design Acceptance Package milestone.

Notify us​ if the design team determines a design exception is no longer needed.

Unresolved design exceptions in the database may impact your contract advertisement.

  1. ​Create a draft design exception request form.
    Send the draft form (MS Word version) to the designated reviewers at the Statewide Project Delivery Branch. Save a copy of the draft form in the project file. Use ProjectWise when available and follow ODOT naming conventions.

  2. Finalize the form.
    Incorporate any necessary details or changes. Insert information into the most current version of the ADA curb ramp design exception​ from the web.

  3. Apply the engineer of record seal and sign the form digitally.
    Digital signature fields are already in the PDF form.

  4. Route for signatures.
    Representatives from the appropriate region technical center must review and digitally sign the form.

    Once signed, each reviewer must save and finalize his or her section of the form. Reviewers must adhere to standard ODOT naming conventions during this step.

  5. Send the signature confirmation email.
    As each reviewer finalizes the file, an email is auto-generated. This email must be sent to the signature authority; we recommend including the engineer of record as a courtesy copy recipient.

  6. Send it to the Roadway Unit.
    Send the form to ODOT Design Exceptions once all region technical center reviews are complete and signatures applied.

    The design exception administrator will assign a control number and route the form to the state traffic roadway engineer for review. An email with a link to the final design exception will be sent when approved.

  7. Save it.
    Save a copy of the form in the corresponding project file. Use ProjectWise when available and follow ODOT naming conventions.

  8. Review approved request.
    You will receive an email indicating whether you request was approved or rejected. If approved, the email will include a link to the approved design exception.

Find Approved Design Exceptions

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