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AASHTOWare Project

What is AASHTOWare Project?

Many state transportation departments nationwide use AASHTOWare Project™ (AWP) modules. AWP enables the management of information throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction contract  – from cost estimation, proposal preparation, bid letting, construction and material management, and civil rights and labor data collection. AASHTOWare Project allows the creation of a consistent, integrated view of the construction contract process during each phase, thanks to numerous modules that meet a state's preconstruction and construction needs. 


AASHTOWare Project is web-based and hosted in the cloud. We are using four AWP modules at ODOT. AWP is used to perform these functions:
  • Create engineer's estimates
  • Manage bid letting and award processes
  • Meet requirements for civil rights and labor
  • Administer construction contracts
  • Enter material reports and data

Select the module that best fits how you will work in AWP and discover more! 

The Modules

​AASHTOWare Project Estimation™ is a construction estimating module of AASHTOWare Project™ (AWP). This is a web-based software suite, AWP enables transportation agencies to manage information throughout the entire contract and construction cycle from cost estimating to proposal preparation, letting bids, construction, material management, civil rights and labor. AWP Estimation is the required estimating software for construction cost estimates for ODOT projects submitted to ODOT’s Project Controls Office (PCO). 
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The Preconstruction module is used by ODOT to plan and prepare for construction projects. It helps us:
  • Manage all the early stages of a project, from planning to the start of construction.
  • Manage tasks like creating project schedules, managing bids from contractors, and reviewing project designs.
  • Streamline our preconstruction processes, ensure accurate budgeting and scheduling, and make informed decisions before starting construction work.
This module is only used by internal ODOT staff, so there is no training for external partners at this time.  

​The AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ module helps more effectively administer civil rights and labor compliance activities. Agencies and contractors can save time and effort on jobs with certified payroll submission, which includes automatic error checking. The system makes it faster and easier for agencies to gather data for the semi-annual Uniform Report of DBE Commitments/Awards and Payments.

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​​The AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials™ module is a comprehensive, web-based construction and materials management application. Its functionality covers the complete construction and materials management process, including laboratory information management. This powerful application spans all levels of construction and materials management to progress a contract and its supporting documentation from award through finalization.

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