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Average Bid Item Prices

Awarded Prices

Bid item price data can also be found in Bid Tabulations.

Bid Item prices for awarded projects can quickly be found using ODOT's AASHTOWare Project system. See AASHTOWare Project Estimation webpage for information to get access. Limited (Read-Only) access is available to ODOT staff and consultants to find bid data and use bid based pricing tools.

Historical Awarded Prices

Previous years' bid price information reports. These reports were discontinued starting January 2023 with the implementation of AASHTOWare Project Estimation.

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2022

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2021

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2020

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2019

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2018

Awarded Prices by Contract, 2017

Weighted Average Prices, 2022

Weighted Average Prices, 2021

Weighted Average Prices, 2020

Weighted Average Prices, 2019

Weighted Average Prices, 2018

Weighted Average Prices, 2017


Contact the ODOT Cost Estimating Unit with questions regarding bid item pricing.

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