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Related Programs

  • Biology Program
    • Visit this site for information on ODOT's commitment to protecting living organisms and their environment from the effects of construction, maintenance, and operation of ODOT highways. This program's subtopics include fish passage, wildlife passage, and the Endangered Species Act.

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Program
    • ODOT's Erosion and Sediment Control Program is designed to prevent pollution of water resources from material generated during project construction. Visit this site for information, guidance documents, and standards related to Erosion and Sediment Control.

  • Maintenance Environmental Programs
    • Maintenance environmental programs provide support to all ODOT Maintenance districts to ensure there are consistent statewide practices that meet state and federal environmental laws and regulations. Visit this site for information on the Clean Water Program, Tree Management, Winter Maintenance Practices, and Vegetation Management.

  • Wetlands Program
    • ODOT's Wetlands Program focuses on the identification of wetlands and water resources during project development to ensure protection of these areas in compliance with state and federal laws. Visit this site for further information and related regulations.