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Oregon Community Paths Program

Welcome to the Oregon Community Paths Program, or OCP! This grant program is dedicated to helping communities create and maintain connections through multiuse paths, with the goal of complementing and expanding existing active transportation programs across the state.

The Oregon Department of Transportation uses monies from the state Multimodal Active Transportation fund and federal Transportation Alternatives Program fund for this program. 

The OCP funds grants for project development, construction, reconstruction, major resurfacing or other improvements of multiuse paths that improve access and safety for people walking and bicycling. 


2024 OCP Solicitation Guidelines

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  • August 7, August 21, and September 18, 2020: Program overview webinars. Contact to sign up.
  • October 1 - November 15, 2020 The online Letter of Interest form will be​ open for completion.
  • October 14, 2020: ODOT will host an online Question and Answer session. Contact to sign up.
  • November 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021: ODOT will accept applications for Construction or Project Refinement grants
  • Summer 2021: Projects will be awarded

​​In 2019, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2592 establish the Multimodal Active Transportation Fund, or MAT, for bicycle and pedestrian projects. MAT consists of 7% of the Connect Oregon Fund plus revenues from Oregon’s bicycle excise tax. 

The MAT is a separate grant program from Connect Oregon and is governed under Oregon Administrative Rule 731, Division 36​​. The legislation also clarifies roles and responsibilities between ODOT and the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation to provide funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

In addition to state MAT funding, federal funding is provided through Transportation Alternative funds, or TA. The state of Oregon restricts the use of TA funds to the following project types:
  • Development, construction, reconstruction, major resurfacing, or other capital improvements of multiuse paths, bicycle paths and footpaths.
  • Planning, design and engineering expenses, including consultant services, associated with developing eligible infrastructure projects.
Federal regulations also limit who may apply for TA funds. Those who can include:
  • A local government, including city, town, township, village, borough, parish, tribal government or county agencies. 
  • Transit agencies, any federal, tribal, state or local agency responsible for Natural Resources or public land administration (e.g. park, forest, fish/game/wildlife agencies, Department of Interior, U.S. Forest Service).
  • A non-profit organization entity responsible for administration of local transportation safety programs. 
  • Management of TA projects must be a certified agency. While ODOT is ineligible to apply for TA funds, non-certified agencies may partner with ODOT to manage the project.​

​The Community Paths Program grant funding includes both state and federal funds. 

Funding sources include: 
  • Transportation Alternatives funds (Federal)
  • Bicycle Excise Tax (State)
  • Vehicle Privilege Tax (State)
  • Lottery Bonds (State)​