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OR 99W (Pacific Highway) Paving Project: I-5 to SW McDonald Street

Construction Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Tigard, Washington)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This project on OR 99W between I-5 and McDonald Street will pave, build new sidewalks and bicycle lanes, upgrade sidewalk curb ramps, repair bridges, and make safety improvements in the intersection with SW Johnson/Main Street.​

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Construction Impacts

September 21, 2023 update
  • ​The contractor plans to work nights from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., Sunday through Thursday nights.
  • Expect temporary sidewalk closures throughout the project area with ADA-accessible pedestrian detours.
  • Expect nighttime right lane closures on OR 99W from I-5 to SW McDonald Street in both directions.
Construction is underway and will continue through 2024.  We plan to update this website every Friday detailing traffic impacts for the following week.

These are the anticipated traffic impacts planned for the duration of construction:

Expect temporary closures of traffic lanes, interchange ramps, and side streets, primarily at night. Detours will be available for drivers and oversized loads. Pedestrians—including individuals using mobility devices—will encounter signed, accessible detours. Cyclists will ride in travel lanes with vehicles during shoulder closures.
  • Nighttime lane closures from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. weekdays and until 9 a.m. on weekends. Watch for travel lanes to be shifted into the center median lane.
  • Short sections of one traffic lane and shoulders closed for up to 10 days during sidewalk curb ramp reconstruction. 
  • Intersection closure of OR 99W with SW Main/Johnson streets during traffic signal replacement work between midnight and 4 a.m.
  • Temporary closure of Main Street in downtown Tigard from 9:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. during pavement rehabilitation work.
  • The following freeway ramps will have a weekend closure: OR 217 northbound off-ramp and on-ramp, OR 217 southbound offramp, and I-5 southbound off-ramp. Only one ramp closed per weekend. Signed detours will be posted.
  • A limited number of weekend lane closures on OR 99W during bridge repair work.

Noise: Construction activities will create some noise during daytime and nighttime hours. This number is available for nearby residents and businesses to help resolve any ODOT noise-related concerns 24 hours a day: 503-294-1389.

Nearby ODOT Projects: A nearby project on OR 217​ will be in construction at the same time as this paving project. The two ODOT teams are coordinating to minimize disruption.


Design Phase: 2019 - 2022
Construction Phase: spring 2023 through 2024



A $41 million investment in safe, accessible travel on OR 99W.
The project improvements increase safety and add connections for people who drive, bicycle, walk and use mobility devices. 

We will create a fully connected sidewalk network in the corridor, smoother and safer road surface, increase bike lane connectivity, and reconstruct sidewalk curbs so they comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
Project Area
The project area begins where OR 99W (Pacific Highway) crosses Interstate 5 near SW 64th Avenue. It continues along Pacific Highway south to SW McDonald Street in Tigard.
OR 99W Paving Map BORDER.png

​Project Elements
  • New Sidewalks: Build approximately one mile of new sidewalk. When complete, there will be a fully connected sidewalk network between I-5 and McDonald Street.
  • New Bicycle Lanes: Add new sections of bike lanes in both directions to fill in gaps on OR 99W between SW 65th Avenue and SW 72nd Avenue. Add new bicycle detection sensors at signalized intersections.​
  • Highway Paving: Repair and repave nearly three miles of road surface along OR 99W from I-5 to McDonald Street.
  • ADA Upgrades: Upgrade 150 curb ramps to comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
  • OR 99W intersection with SW Main Street/SW Johnson streets: Build a new crosswalk on the east side of the intersection. Upgrade the traffic signal and build a dedicated left turn lane from SW Johnson Street to northbound OR 99W.
  • Bridge Deck Maintenance: Install waterproofing and repair bridge joints on two bridges.
As of August 11, 2023, we've built approximately 1,500 feet of new sidewalk, installed 12 new ADA-accessible curb ramps, and completed nearly all full-depth pavement repairs within the 3-mile project area.​

Intersection Improvements: OR 99W at SW Johnson Street/SW Main streets 
Build a new crosswalk on the east side of the intersection to improve pedestrian mobility. Build a designated left turn lane for vehicles heading north onto Pacific Highway. To improve traffic flow, a shared lane will allow drivers to continue straight to SW Main Street or turn right onto Pacific Highway. A rebuilt traffic signal supports these changes.
SW Johnson Street and SW Main Street intersection graphic at Pacific Highway showing  new crosswalk location and turn lane.


OR 99W | ​I-5 to SW McDonald Street

Cost and Funding

​The total project budget is $41 million.


  • A smoother, safer road surface.​
  • Fully connected sidewalk network.
  • Increased bicycle lane connectivity.
  • Curb ramps that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.​

Additional Information

​​For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations and/or translation/interpretation services, (503) 731-4128, TTY (800) 735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service​

¿Habla español? Podemos proveer la información en esta publicación en español. Para recibir la información en español por favor llame (503) 731-4128.​

Contacts & Media

Project Contact

Community Affairs Coordinator
Lili Boicourt

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