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Oregon 217 Auxiliary Lanes Project

Overview and construction impacts
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Construction is underway on 
OR 217 and surrounding streets!
¡La construcción ha comenzado
 en OR 217 y calles cercanas! 
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This project will improve safety and reduce bottlenecks on OR 217 by adding auxiliary lanes, or ramp to ramp connections, between Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and OR 99W. Work began in December 2021 and continues through 2025. In partnership with the City of Beaverton and Washington County, we are making targeted improvements to local bicycle and pedestrian routes. 

With a lot of patience, we’ll all get through construction together and benefit from a safer and more reliable highway.

Current Impacts
As of 11/22/2023

New highway impacts:.

  • Crews will not be working for the Nov. 23 through Nov. 26 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Upcoming: The new southbound frontage road between Allen Boulevard and Denney Road will open within the next few weeks. When it opens, the southbound Allen Boulevard on-ramp and Denney Road off-ramp will operate as a frontage road and the Denney Road southbound on-ramp will reopen. Drivers will still be able to access Allen Boulevard, Denney Road, and OR 217 south using the frontage road. Find more information on the Allen and Denney Ramp Changes page.

New local road impacts: 

  • The westbound lane that has been closed on the Hall Boulevard overpass in Beaverton is now open to accommodate increased holiday traffic. The lane will close again after Jan. 1, 2024, to provide crews with the space they need to finish widening the overpass.

Ongoing construction impacts:
  • Auxiliary lane closure on OR 217 south between OR 99W and 72nd Avenue. This lane is expected to reopen by the end of 2023.  
  • Ramp impacts
    • The OR 217 southbound Denney Road off-ramp and on-ramp are closed while crews finish the frontage road and ramp widening work in this area. The frontage road is expected to open by the end of 2023. More information is available on our Allen and Denney Ramp Changes page.
    • The right turn lane on the southbound OR 99W off-ramp is closed for several months. Drivers can still make a right turn from the off-ramp by using the adjacent lane.
  • Overpass impacts:
    • One of the two westbound lanes on the Allen Boulevard overpass is closed for several months for bridge rail improvements. The lane is expected to open by the end of 2023.
    • One of the two westbound lanes on the Denney Road overpass is closed for several months for sidewalk and bridge rail improvements. The lane is expected to open in 2024. 
    • One of the two westbound lanes on the Hall Boulevard overpass (between Scholls Ferry Road to Cascade Avenue) has been closed to safely accommodate bridge widening work. The lane is now open to accomodate increased holiday traffic and will close again after Jan. 1, 2024, to provide crews with the space they need to finish widening the overpass. More information is available on our Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements page.
  • Pedestrian impacts in several places:
    • The sidewalk on the north side of the Denney Road overpass. Temporary pedestrian detours are in place on the overpass.
    • The sidewalk on the north side of Hall Boulevard near Cascade Avenue. A temporary pedestrian detour is in place on the south side of Hall Boulevard.
    • The sidewalk on the north side of OR 99W by the southbound OR 217 off-ramp. A temporary pedestrian detour is in place.
  • General impacts:
    • Intermittent closures of existing auxiliary lanes and shoulders on OR 217 and nearby local roads throughout the project area. Various on- and off-ramps are narrower, but will remain open, unless stated otherwise.
    • Intermittent nighttime work throughout the project area. We have a 24/7 noise hotline for night noise concerns: (503) 412-2349.   
    • Crews are transporting dirt and materials from the project area to a site on ODOT property at the I-5 and I-205 interchange. Crews are also staging dirt and materials near SW Denney Road and SW 105th Avenue. Some materials are delivered at night and nearby neighbors may hear some noise.

Upcoming construction impacts

These impacts are expected to begin in the near future. We will provide more details as they become available.

  • The southbound Hall Boulevard on-ramp will close for two months, starting in early 2024. Crews will rebuild and reconfigure the ramp to ensure it seamlessly connects to the new auxiliary lane.
Ongoing impacts from other construction projects in the area: 
  • Our OR 99W paving project currently in construction will pave, build new sidewalks and bicycle lanes, upgrade sidewalk curb ramps, repair bridges, and make safety improvements on OR 99W between I-5 and McDonald Street. 
  • Willamette Water Supply is updating pipelines in the OR 217 project area. Please check the Metzger Pipeline East project website for the most up-to-date information about traffic impacts.
Safety reminders!

  • Please be respectful of construction crews working in the project area. Objects thrown out of vehicles are dangerous to workers. Slow down and be mindful of work zones to keep crews and highway users safe.
  • Keep in mind that traffic lanes have shifted in several areas throughout the project. Pay close attention to new barriers and markings on the road.
  • Slow down, especially at night. Speed reductions are in effect in work zones. There is also increased speed enforcement throughout the corridor.

Stay informed about construction


Overview of Construction Impacts

Highway at night with construction barrels and illuminated arrow board closing a travel lane.We know construction can be disruptive for travelers and local residents. 
Much of the work on OR 217 will take place at night when traffic volumes are lower. However, daytime work is unavoidable and we anticipate more traffic and congestion in the area during construction. 
Construction is dynamic and some of these impacts may change as the project progresses. 
We will work to keep you informed throughout the project and minimize construction impacts to the community as much as possible. Some of the considerations the project team will take include:
  • Reducing or limiting work during some holidays and cultural festivals.
  • Providing as much notice as possible before any closures. 
  • Dedicating additional time to translate important construction notices.

What You Can Expect During Construction

Impacts are listed by categories below. Use the plus signs to expand each section. Click again to minimize. 

For Drivers

  • Lane closures will routinely occur at night between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Around-the-clock lane closures will happen several times for up to nine days at a time.
  • Full closure of one direction of OR 217 at a time for up to five weekends.
  • Short-term closures of existing auxiliary lanes.​

  • ​Highway ramp closures will routinely occur at night between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Allen Boulevard: up to four-month closure of the left turn from Allen Boulevard to OR 217 south.
  • Denny Road: up to five-month closure of the southbound on- and off-ramps during construction of the new frontage road.
  • ​Hall Boulevard: up to two-month closure of the on-ramp to OR 217 south.
  • OR 99W: up to two-month closure of the on-ramp from northbound OR 99W to OR 217 northbound.
  • Other OR 217 on- and off-ramp closures for up to two weeks.

​Lane closures and some nighttime full closures on local roads adjacent to OR 217 including Hall Boulevard, Allen Boulevard, Denney Road, Scholls Ferry Road, Greenburg Road and OR 99W.

​Up to nine-month closure of the Hall Boulevard overpass between OR 99W and Pfaffle Street in Tigard to motor vehicles.

For People Biking, Walking, Rolling or Taking Transit

  • A temporary bicycle and pedestrian bridge will be available for non-motorized use while the Hall Boulevard overpass in Tigard is closed.
  • ​OR 217 shoulders will be closed to people on bikes for the duration of the project.
  • People biking on local streets in the project area may be directed to ride in the travel lane or use a different route due to short-term shoulder or lane closures.
  • Pedestrians on local streets in the project area may encounter sidewalk closures, in which case signed ADA-accessible detour routes will be posted.

  • ​There may be short-term impacts to bus stops and routes. Look for more information at the bus stops and on​ The WES Commuter Rail will be unaffected during construction. ​

For Nearby Residents and Businesses

Nighttime work is needed to minimize traffic impacts. When crews are working nearby, residents and businesses may hear construction noise and feel vibrations. Call our 24/7 noise hotline (503-412-2349) to reach a person to discuss nighttime noise concerns.

When crews​ are working nearby at night residents may notice light in the construction zones.​

Crews will need to remove trees and vegetation along OR 217 on ODOT property.​​​​ We are also planting native trees and shrubs in targeted areas throughout the project area.​

Tips for Traveling Safely in Work Zones

  • Orange is your cue! Pay attention when you see orange signs, barrels, cones and barricades.
  • Obey all speed signs. Speeds will be reduced on OR 217 and Scholls Ferry Road for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Expect delays — plan for them — and leave early so you can drive safely through the work zone.
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Project Contacts

OR 217 Auxiliary Lanes Project Team 
Lili Boicourt

24/7 Noise Hotline for nighttime noise concerns

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For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Civil Rights Title VI  accommodations and/or  translation/interpretation services, call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1.

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