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Southern Oregon Seismic Triage & Resiliency Project

Construction Phase

Region 3: Southwestern Oregon, Region 4: Central Oregon (Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Glendale, Grants Pass, Medford, Roseburg, Talent, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath)

​​​​This project reinforces key slopes and bridges in southern Oregon. The goal is so the southwest Oregon region can remain connected and recover after a major earthquake.​​


Traffic Impact

​Depending on the bridge or slope being worked on there will either be no delays, short delays or full closures with some out of direction travel. 

Construction Impacts

​Depending on the bridges and phases of construction, there may be a variety of impacts, such as single lane traffic, single lane closures or full closures with some out of direction travel.

Meetings and Events

Visit the online open house to see more about the project:​.​


Contractor HP Civil is finishing work on the I-5 Glendale bridges. Beginning October 4, they will begin on the I-5 Exit 58 bridges in Grants Pass. 

This first bundle of bridges will be repaired in the Grants Pass area in 2021 through 2023. Those bridges include: 
  • I-5 Exit 80 Glendale bridges,
  • I-5 Exit 58 bridges at north Grants Pass interchange and, Nov. 2022
  • I-5 bridge over Hillcrest Road.
The first set of bridges are complete on the I-5 Leland Road bridges at Sunny Valley​.

The second bridge bundle includes: Four bridges on OR 140 west of White City and the Sutherlin Creek Bridge on Del Rio Road, northwest of Roseburg. 

The third bundle slated for construction in in late 2022 will replace three bridges on OR 99 (Rogue River Highway) between City of Rogue River and the I-5 Exit 45A interchange.  

It's anticipated the first slopes will begin in 2023.

Instead of one large project, this project is split between slopes and bridges for cost efficiencies.



This project reinforces unstable slopes and vulnerable bridges in southern Oregon. By doing so the region can begin recovery efforts and maintain lifeline routes after a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.


I-5 |
  • Interstate 5 from Medford/Ashland north to Eug​ene.
  • Oregon 140 between Medford and Klamath Falls.​
  • Sutherlin Creek Bridge on Del Rio Road in Douglas County.

Cost and Funding

$~45 million is earmarked for this project by the 2017 Keep Oregon Moving act passed by Oregon Legislature.


​H.P. Civil of Stayton, OR is the contractor for the first bundle of bridges.


Southwest Oregon residents and their economy will benefit from this project by recovering as quickly as possible after a subduction zone earthquake.

Lifeline routes are being strengthened so freight and recovery materials can be transported in and out of southwest Oregon. It's anticipated there may be future bridge reinforcement projects.

Triage is in the title of this project because it takes the easiest, least expensive slopes and bridge to repair and hopefully maintain critical connections after a major earthquake.

Additional Information

This resilience project is based on repairing bridges and slopes on two major routes into and out of southern Oregon. 

Bridge repairs are currently being made (January-October 2021) at the I-5 Exit 80 Glendale Bridges. In October, the contractor will begin on the I-5 Exit 58. 
The nearby I-5 Hillcrest Drive bridges are scheduled for work Nov. 2022- May 2023.

​Rogue Valley Highway Bridges:
In late 2022, the three bridges on this highway between Rogue River and Gold Hill will be replaced consecutively. They are:
  • Miller's Gulch Bridge: this bridge will take about a month to replace between the months of June and September. 
  • Foots and Birdseye Creek Bridges: These other nearby bridges will take more than two weeks each to complete.
  • Residents on this section of Rogue Valley highway should plan for extra travel times to either I-5 Rogue RIver (Exit 48) or Twin Bridges (Exit 45a).
Bridge repairs are complete on the I-5 Bridges over Leland Road, near Sunny Valley. 

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Public Information Officer
Gary Leaming

Resident Engineer - Consultant Projects
Josh Lonie

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10/1/2021 1:40 PM

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