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OR 99W Orrs Corner Road to Clow Corner Road

Design Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Dallas, Polk)

​​​​​​​​​​​Safety project to construct road improvements to OR 99W at the Clow Corner Road and at the Orrs Corner Road intersections. ​

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view the enlarged mapThis is a safety project that will construct road improvements to OR 99W to address safety and crash history problems at the Clow Corner Road intersection and improve safety at the Orrs Corner Road intersection.

The project includes:

  • Constructing a northbound left turn lane at the intersection of OR 99W and Orrs Corner Road.

  • Constructing a modern roundabout at the intersection of OR 99W and Clow Corner Road.

  • Reconnecting the multiuse path on the west side of OR 99W, including ADA ramps.


Thank you for your feedback

We received over 80 comments from our online open house! We appreciate you getting involved and sharing your thoughts on our design. Your feedback is an important part of our process. 

To provide answers and address your comments, questions and concerns we've created some frequently asked questions.​

Long safety and crash history

The safety and crash history at the intersection of OR 99W and Clow Corner Road have been a focus of discussion in Polk County for many years. The intersection has been a top safety priority for us regularly over the past two decades, with 27 total crashes from 2012 to 2016 (1 fatal, 2 severe injury, 17 other injury and 7 property damage only).  Crash types are primarily angle (t-bone) or turn movement related (11 angle, 11 turning, 3 rear-end, 2 run off the road). 

The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) is 15,000 vehicles per day on OR 99W, and 2,000 vehicles per day on Clow Corner Road.

​Incremental improvements constructed at this intersection included a right turn lane in the southbound direction and a right turn on the eastbound leg.  The turning radii on all four corners of the intersection were improved, and the overhead flashing beacon was upgraded to newer technology.  In 2017, vehicle activated warning beacons and signs were installed to alert drivers on OR 99W to the presence of cross traffic.  Despite modest crash reductions, we have continued discussions with Polk County and other local stakeholders to identify a more permanent solution.


A roundabout is recommended

​A roundabout was recommended as the best long term solution to the safety issues at the Clow Corner intersection. A roundabout would significantly improve safety by eliminating the most serious crashes such as high speed t-bone and angle crashes. A roundabout would also result in less average delay for travelers.  

A roundabout is particularly safe in a rural setting like this intersection since it controls all movements through the intersection, removes crossing paths, assigns right of way and provides the necessary traffic calming that will make this intersection much safer.

Not sure how to use a roundabout? 

Watch a video by the Federal Highway Administration to learn the rules of the roundabout​. Or read our All About Roundabouts FAQs​

​The roundabout will be built similar to one that was added to OR 47 at Verboort Road in Washington County.  To see how it functions, please take a look at this video that was taken at 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on a week day.  We also have FAQs for another project that applies.

Past Meetings and Events

Thank you for your interest in this project. ​visit our online open houseWe’ve been working on safety improvements in this area for awhile. We now have a plan for these two intersections—come check them out!

Visit our archived online open house, open December 7 through January 4.


Design through 2022
Construction is going to take multiple years and will begin in 2023.


OR 99W | ​Orrs Corner and Clow Corner Roads

Cost and Funding

​Design & Construction: $11.3 million

Access for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones.

Contacts & Media

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Project Contacts

Transportation Project Manager
Kumar Rethnasamy

Public Information Officer
David House

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