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Oregon Toll Program

ODOT's primary goal is improved travel on I-5 and I-205

With a toll, ODOT helps meet the goal of improved travel by managing traffic flow and helping to raise revenue for infrastructure improvements. The Keep Oregon Moving legislation (House Bill 2017) established a Congestion Relief Fund, which would receive any net proceeds from tolls. The Oregon Constitution (Article IX, Section 3a) specifies that revenues collected from the use or operation of motor vehicles is spent on roadway projects, which could include construction or reconstruction of travel lanes, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities or transit improvements in or along the roadway.

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Equity & Mobility
About Tolls and Pricing
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Image shows congestion traffic on I-5 near Portland Oregon

Regional Mobility Pricing Project




See What All-Electronic Tolling Looks Like 

Modern tolling is new for Oregon and many decisions still need to be made. Watch our short video to see what an all-electronic tolling system could look like on I-5 and I-205 – with no toll booths, and no stopping or slowing. 

Identifying Toll Discount Options for People Experiencing Low Incomes

ODOT is committed to providing a low-income toll program the first day tolling begins. As a first step, ODOT, with guidance from the Equity and Mobility Advisory Committee (EMAC), issued a Low-Income Toll Report in September 2022 to describe an approach for developing a low-income toll program. The report identifies equitable solutions for people who are less able to pay a toll, including discount options for specific income levels. It also explores different discount types (e.g., toll discount, toll credits, free trips) and methods for accessible enrollment and income verification.

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