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Staff Overview

As Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) members and staff, we consider that we are successfully doing our jobs if we can help public officials avoid conduct that violates the government ethics statutes. We encourage people to review the laws and rules, and contact us with any questions prior to taking any action that may violate the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 244.

OGEC staff are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for informal questions and discussions about statutes, administrative rules and the Commission’s processes. Public officials are encouraged to contact OGEC staff at any time.

OGEC Staff Members

OGEC is administered by the Executive Director, who is selected by the Commission. All OGEC staff are appointed by and report to the Executive Director.

Executive Director
Ronald A. Bersin

Agency Programs Administrator
Becky Maison

Administrative Specialist 2
Position Open

Administrative Specialist
David Hunter

Office Specialist
Jessica Foster
Compliance & Education Coordinator
Susan Myers

Hillary Murrieta

Monica J. Walker

Position Open

Position Open

Curriculum & Training Coordinator
Stephanie Heffner

Charlie Esparza

Position Open

Position Open

Position Open

OGEC Open Staff Positions

OGEC is expanding and growing! We are hiring for several positions before the end of 2023.

OGEC is now interviewing for two permanent Investigators (Compliance Specialist 2) and three permanent Trainers (Program Analyst 1). The application deadlines have closed and applicants have been notified of interview opportunities.

Upcoming Recruitments

OGEC will be recruiting for two additional positions this fall. We will post links to the positions once they are open for recruitment. Please check back soon for more details.
  • Executive Director: The Commission has started the preliminary recruitment process. Public comments on the position will be accepted at the October 6, 2023 OGEC Commission meeting. If the public has written comments they would like to submit, they may do so by emailing the Commission at for review before September 25. The position description is the criteria for this position and is currently pending reclassification. Hiring standards are set forth by the Department of Administrative Services. The draft of policy directives will be voted on during the October meeting.

  • Administrative Specialist 2: This position is a new addition to OGEC staffing, recruitment is expected to start Mid-October.