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Case Dispositions

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Advice given by the Commission or Commission staff based on specific facts provided to the Commission.

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Final results of cases before the Commission. Additional information about any case can be requested via a public records request.

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Note: All of the information contained in the Case Management System begins in 2017. Requests for information prior to 2017 should be made by contacting the commission at
The charts listed below provide general case status information for items prior to 2017.  For more detailed information on these records, you may telephone the Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) at 503-378-5105 or send an e-mail to

The first letter of the alphabetic suffix of the case number denotes the type of case as follows:
E = Oregon Government Ethics Law
X = Executive Session provisions of Public Meetings law
L = Lobbying issues
F = Prima Facie Violations
S = Statement of Economic Interest filing issues

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