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Agency Annual Reports

A Path Forward: 2022 Annual Report

Oregon Housing & Community Services is the state’s housing finance agency and provides resources for Oregonians to reduce poverty and increase access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. 2022 was a pivotal year in many respects, with the winding down of pandemic-era programs that also opened new areas of work for the agency and a growing momentum around addressing the housing crisis and challenges throughout Oregon. In the 2022 OHCS Annual Report, you will read and learn about how the agency, working closely with partners throughout the state, is creating a path forward so that tangible progress is made to meet the housing needs of Oregonians.  

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2022 Investments

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, OHCS has seen the typical legislative cycle punctuated by Emergency Special Sessions, Emergency Board meetings, significant staff growth, increased media attention, and record funding levels. In the 2022 Oregon Legislative Session, OHCS saw continued historic investments. OHCS received $300 million in funding (via House Bill 5202) to address Oregon’s housing crisis in light of COVID-related challenges.  

Community Voices

Dena Compton
"Rockwood Village is like the first step and then somebody's got you from there."

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Families Served

The Chavez Family
"Thanks to the support of ACCESS case managers, my family and I were able to welcome our new addition to our family into our new home."

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The Neely Family
"It’s not as if I turned my back on our mortgage. It was a pandemic. It was serious."

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The Stull Family
"Our old house had icicles dripping down the sides as the heat was leaving through the roof."

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Funding for Affordable Rental Housing Development

4,977 affordable rental homes were funded in 2022 throughout Oregon

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By the Numbers

Rural Housing Development
OHCS has exceeded the target to increase OHCS-funded housing development in rural areas by 75% over the previous five-year period with 4,109 homes already constructed or in the pipeline. We know there is still a lot of need and work to be done around affordable housing in rural Oregon and will continue to focus on providing development and capacity-building dollars to rural communities.

Homeownership Opportunities
The Local Innovation and Fast Track (LIFT) homeownership program is intended to create affordable homeownership opportunities for low- to moderate-income families. Using Article XI-Q bond funding as a source for housing development, LIFT requires the state to have an ownership or operational interest in any real property developed. 12 projects were funded through the 2022 NOFA.

Housing Replacement
The Manufactured Home Replacement Program was launched subsequent to the 2020 Labor Day wildfires and played a key role in helping 35 wildfire survivor households replace their homes and 52 total homes.

Addressing Homelessness
Permanent supportive housing (PSH) is a proven model that serves individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness. By providing on-site, individualized services, PSH stabilizes individuals addressing their needs holistically using a housing-first approach. In the long term, PSH is shown to increase societal benefits while decreasing the cost of public services.

Utility Bill Assistance and Energy Weatherization
One of the costs for households living on low incomes that can be a barrier to safe and stable housing is utility bills. OHCS has several funding programs to help those living on low incomes with paying their water and wastewater utility bills as well as weatherizing their homes to make them more energy efficient.

Homeownership Assistance Fund
Since the Homeownership Assistance Fund opened in July 2022, it has helped hundreds of individuals and households prevent foreclosure and stay in their homes. OHCS and its other agency partners launched a paid multilingual media campaign so help spread the word to homeowners statewide.

Eviction Prevention
Oregon’s Eviction Diversion and Prevention (ORE-DAP) Program, the first of its kind in Oregon, was developed by Oregon Housing and Community Services using a portion of the $100 million the Oregon Legislature allocated for eviction prevention work in December 2021. Over $40 million was distributed to Community Action Agencies and partners they work with throughout the state to administer the program, providing a lifeline to people on the verge of homelessness.

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