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Renter Resources

OHCS helps renters find safe and affordable housing. We offer rental assistance programs and many other resources. We offer the following renter guides, tips and other resources. These will help you find rental housing that meets your housing and financial status.

Are you a renter?

If you can’t afford your rent, contact your local community action agency or call or text 2-1-1 for assistance. 

Oregon’s eviction moratorium: 

Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature have made it unlawful for landlords to evict people who can’t afford their rent. This rule will last until June 30, 2021.

Renters must sign and return a form to their landlord if they can’t afford their rent. This form will be available from the Oregon Judicial Branch. The Oregon Law Center has the form and more information in English and Spanish

​Apartment Guides

  • Tons of articles, guides, apartment locator, and other resources
  • Offers good overviews of what affordable housing is and how to find resources
  • Offers tips and advice for living in apartments
  • Check lists, sample agreements, sample rental applications, and more!

​Visit Apartment Guide website.​


Website offers guidance with:​

  • Rent Calculator: How much rent can I afford?
  • Where should I live? Ratings, area demographics, crime reports, etc.
  • Choosing a condo vs. an apartment, differences, etc.
  • Tips and Alternatives to leases, FAQs
  • Working with a landlord, and more!

Visit RentLingo website​

OHCS has a webpage of resources about ;Oregon's Tenant and Landlord Laws. It also offers ​Guid​es and Associations who assist with tenant and landlord issues.

Visit ​the Landlord & Tenant Resources​ webpage​ for more information.​​

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Oregon Eviction Moratorium Videos


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Get help with:
Asset Building, 
Down Payment Assistance, and
Financial Goals.
Learn about IDA at:

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