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Special Event Licensing

Information About Submitting Special Event License Applications

To avoid a delay in processing your special event license application and to increase the likelihood that the OLCC will be able to approve your application in time for your event, please submit your special event license application to the OLCC office serving the county in which your special event will happen. Find the OLCC office here: OLCC offices & the counties they serve. OLCC offices are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you want to deliver your application in person, you must first email or call the appropriate OLCC office to arrange for submission of your application and payment of the license fee. 

Prior to submitting your application to the appropriate OLCC office, ensure the local government where the event will take place signs off on your application (the local government is either the local city if the event address is within the city's limits or the local county if the event address is outside the city's limits). The local government may charge you a fee.

A liquor license is needed at special events where:

  • Alcohol will be sold.

  • Alcohol is available (but not being sold), and you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event.

A liquor license is NOT needed at special events where: 

  • You are making alcohol available, but there is no payment or purchase required, and no donations of money are accepted, for alcohol, or for entry/admission, or for any other product or service. An example is a wedding reception where you make alcohol available, but you don't require payment or purchase and don't accept donations of money.​​

Fact Sheet: Recreational Marijuana - Consumption, Gifting, and Giveaways

Letter to Licensees

As of July 1, 2015, recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon. There are limits to the law; marijuana is not allowed to be consumed in a public place.

Measure 91 defines a public place as a general place where the public has access. This includes all special events with OLCC licenses.

Please be aware that as a licensee, you could be subject to administrative sanctions for allowing public consumption of marijuana at your licensed premises.

If you need further clarification of a public place, please call 503-872-6366.

A Temporary Sales License allows the sale of distilled sprits, malt beverages, wine, and cider for drinking within a licensed area. It also allows for the sale of manufacturer-sealed containers of malt beverages, wine, and cider, for drinking off-site of the licensed area. 


Auctioning and raffling alcohol are considered both a sale of alcohol and offering alcohol as a prize.
A nonprofit or charitable organization registered as such with the State of Oregon may obtain written approval from the OLCC to conduct an auction or raffle without a license to sell factory-sealed containers of wine, malt beverage (beer), cider, and distilled liquor also commonly known as distilled spirits, hard liquor, and hard alcohol) for consumption off the event premises.
Auction and Raffle Application and Information

Please contact the OLCC office that covers the city or county where your event will be located.  
OLCC Office Locations


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