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Where Liquor Revenue Goes

OLCC contributed more than $600 million to Oregon programs, cities and counties in 2019-2021. Of that, more than $342 million went to the General Fund to help pay for programs such as schools, police and public health programs. 

OLCC revenue is distributed to the General Fund and to other Oregon programs based on a plan created by the state Legislature. OLCC, liquor store agents, alcohol manufacturers and distributors all play a role in creating the revenue.
Mental health, alcohol and drug treatment services received more than $17 million, which helps to pay for addiction programs across the state. The Oregon Wine Board received more than $649K.
OLCC gave more than $108 million to Oregon cities and $54 million to counties. Local programs that benefit from OLCC revenues include enforcement, alcohol prevention and treatment as well as other public safety initiatives.
Cities also benefited from OLCC dollars through city revenue sharing, receiving approximately $76 million.

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