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Oregon Distilled Spirits Sales

A network of independent liquor agents around the state of Oregon sell distilled spirits on behalf of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission and Oregonians (Oregon taxpayers). These small businesses generate vital revenue for the state and their local communities (see Where Liquor Revenue Goes).

More than 280 retail agents, who contract with the OLCC, sell distilled spirits in every Oregon county. The OLCC distributes distilled spirits to these independent retailers from a central warehouse in the Portland area.

The information below links to cumulative monthly distilled spirits sales data (Excel format), segregated into four sections: overall state sales, sales by county, sales by county to consumers and sales by county to licensees. Sales to licensees includes: bars and restaurants, entertainment venues, and caterers.

*Excel Tip: If you are unable to open the Excel file, try using a different internet browser.

  • Chrome: Right click, open in new window. Go to the new window, hit refresh and the file will show at the bottom left of your screen. Click on the file to open.
  • Firefox: Click on the link. Choose Open or Save File
  • Microsoft Edge: Click file to download

Distilled Spirits Sales Data Dashboard

Having trouble viewing the dashboard? Access the link directly here. (Works best using Firefox)

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