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Training & Education

Generally, any person serving alcohol in the Temporary Special Event (TSL) licensed area, and any person managing those servers, must have an issued and valid service permit. However, the following exception applies:  

  • A TSL licensee who is also a nonprofit or charitable organization (with a Registry Number issued by the Oregon Secretary of State's office) may use alcohol servers and managers who don't hold a service permit, as long as these people have attended training provided by the TSL licensee and have read, signed, and dated the OLCC brochure What Every Volunteer Alcohol Server Needs to Know.  

Note: a nonprofit or charitable organization registered with the State of Oregon may find its Registry Number on the Oregon Secretary of State's web site.

An owner of a grocery store or convenience store and an operator of a liquor store must have each employee read, sign, and date the OLCC brochure called “What Every Store Clerk Needs to Know About Selling Alcohol" BEFORE allowing the employee to sell alcohol at the store.
In addition, an operator of a liquor store must have each employee watch a video on selling alcohol responsibly BEFORE allowing the employee to sell alcohol at the store. 
What Every Store Clerk Needs to Know

First Call is a program designed to provide newly licensed businesses with the necessary resources and knowledge to be successful in their business operation, and to establish and maintain an excellent record of compliance with all the liquor laws of Oregon.
The program includes an educational packet of information and resources for licensees, their managers and staff. There is a menu of specific training topics that businesses can choose as the need arises.   
For more information on this program, please contact your local OLCC office.  

ID Checking Classes

OLCC offers free hands-on training classes on how to perform efficient and effective ID checks. 

These classes last approximately 1 ½ hours to complete.

To schedule a class, please contact your local OLCC office at the phone numbers provided here.

Seller Training Program

Those who sell alcohol to minors may receive a reduced criminal penalty in court if they have completed an OLCC-approved seller training program or hold a valid service permit.

Approved seller training programs include all OLCC Alcohol Server Education (ASE) classes as well as other available courses. 

Employees can also get an alcohol service permit by completing an ASE class and submitting a Service Permit Application. 

Clerk Training Program

If a clerk sells alcohol to a minor, or fails to properly verify a customer's age, the clerk must complete an approved training program. All employees working for grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores are covered by this rule, OAR 845-009-0145.

If the OLCC determines a clerk sold to a minor or failed to properly verify age, it notifies the employer and:

  • The clerk must attend an approved training program within 45 days.
  • When the clerk completes the training, the licensee or liquor agent must notify the Commission within seven days, attach a copy of the course certification to the Commission-provided form, and send it to OLCC with a $10 administrative fee.
  • If the clerk does not complete approved training within 45 days, the licensee or liquor agent employing the clerk must not allow the clerk to sell any more alcohol.  Employers must notify the Commission if a program is not completed or clerk leaves their employment.
  • Licensees can be charged with Category III and Category IV violations for failing to follow this rule.  Liquor agents can receive a Notice of Violation.  OLCC can charge clerks who continue to sell alcohol.  Licensees and liquor agents should send clerks to an existing Commission-approved training program, or ask the Commission to approve their own program.

Applies to grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores.

For more information on the Seller and Clerk Training Programs, contact:

Law Orientation & Alcohol Server Education

Most applicants for an OLCC liquor license will have some or all of the following requirements: 

  • Read the Law Orientation Materials and then submit to the OLCC either an Affirmation or Acknowledgement that the materials were read.
  • Take and pass an Alcohol Server Education course. 

A completed Alcohol Server Education course can be used to meet the requirement for a liquor license, the requirement for a service permit, or both.  The following chart addresses only the requirement for a liquor license.  If you are applying as a legal entity (like a corporation or limited liability company) you will need to name a person (called the server education designee) who will take and pass the course for the legal entity.  The server education designee must be a person with the authority to set, implement or change the licensee's practices for selling and serving alcoholic beverages (this is usually one of the owners of the business, but it can be a manager).

Find an Alcohol Server Education Course