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Liquor Stores in Oregon

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To ensure adequate service, liquor stores are required to be open a minimum of eight hours a day, except Sundays and legal holidays. Stores must be open between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., but cannot open before 7 a.m. or close later than 10 p.m. Liquor store operators have the option of being open on Sundays and legal holidays with hours of operation varying from store to store.

OLCC's Retail Services Division oversees the daily operations of liquor stores. Retail Services personnel work closely with independent contractors (liquor store operators) to understand liquor regulations and store operating procedures. They also assist in managing the state's liquor inventory to ensure liquor products are available to customers.
The State owns the distilled spirits in each store. The OLCC appoints liquor store operators who are responsible for the stores' daily operations.  The liquor store operator and personnel are part of a small business operation and are not state employees.
There are two types of liquor stores to serve the public: exclusive and non-exclusive. Exclusive stores are generally located in metropolitan areas and are high volume businesses whose primary function is selling liquor. Exclusive stores may also sell authorized related items such as glassware, mixers and items used in preparing a drink. Non-exclusive stores are operated in conjunction with another business such as hardware, drug or grocery stores. Non-exclusive stores usually serve smaller communities and unique settings.

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Are you interested in owning and operating a liquor store in Oregon? Current opportunties are available here: Openings for Liquor Store Operators

Liquor store staff are not State Employees. For employment opportunites at a specific location, please contact the store directly.

Your feedback is very valuable and will enable us to serve you better.  If you would like to comment on the proposed location of a new liquor store or the relocation of a liquor store, or if you have comments, compliments or complaints about an existing liquor store, we want to hear from you. Please include the location of the liquor store in your comments.

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