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The opportunity to purchase rare and limited-edition spirits begins March 11, 2024.

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Industry Resources

There are two ways a new distilled spirit product can be introduced into the Oregon market.  A product can be presented to the Listing Committee, or a special order can be placed with a liquor store by a customer.

How the price of distilled spirits is calculated in Oregon.

About liquor delivery from distilleries and liquor stores to consumers

This manual helps explain the obligations of a distillery retail outlet agent (distillery agent) pertaining to liquor laws, regulations and the distillery retail outlet agent agreement.

  • Distillery Retail Outlet Operations Manual (revisions in progress)

This manual helps explain the obligations of a retail sales agent pertaining to liquor laws and regulations as well as the Retail Sales Agent Agreement.

  • Retail Operations Manual (revisions in progress)

This dashboard below provides details about documented theft activity at OLCC Liquor Stores.

OLCC's Liquor Distribution Center

 Liquor On the Move in Oregon