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Listing Distilled Spirits in Oregon

There are two ways a new distilled spirit product can be introduced into the Oregon market. 
A product can be presented to the Listing Committee, or a special order can be placed with a liquor store by a customer.

Listing Committee

The Listing Committee, which includes liquor store operators and OLCC staff, meets five times a year to hear presentations for new products.
Presentations include any unique history, manufacturing, pricing and promotion. After all presentations, the committee decides if a product should be listed.
Listed items will be available to order through the OLCC Distribution Center from any liquor store in the state. Product that is not approved by the committee must wait 6 months before being presented again.
Many times when a new product is listed, OLCC will categorize it as “limited listing.” This allows company representatives time to visit the market and describe their product to prospective purchasers and sellers. 
After a period of time in the market, a sales analysis will determine if the product needs to be categorized differently or if the product should be moved to a special order item or discontinued and closed out.
Listed product will be shipped from the manufacturer to the OLCC Distribution Center in Milwaukie, and placed in bailment until a liquor store submits an order.

Special Order

If a consumer requests an unlisted product and it is available from a source in the United States, it may be special ordered through a local liquor store. Minimum bottle quantities may apply.  Certain documentation will be required from the manufacturer (see Documents Required to List an Item below) prior to the Purchasing Department placing an order for the product.
Special Order product will be shipped to the Milwaukie Distribution Center and placed in bailment until the specific liquor store that requested the product submits their next order. At this point, the product will be shipped with the store’s next delivery.

Documents Required to List an Item

When an item has been listed or a customer has placed a special order at a liquor store, an Oregon Standard Price Quotation must be submitted to the OLCC Purchasing Department. A copy of TTB label approval must also accompany the quotation. When the Purchasing Department has all required paperwork, an Oregon product code number will be assigned. 
Exterior case labels must have at a minimum: Oregon state product code, size, description, GTIN/UPC and a SCC code on three side panels.
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