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Chance to Purchase

Chance to Purchase - June Summary



The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (“OLCC”) has developed and implemented a Chance to Purchase Event (Event) to provide an opportunity for Oregon residents to purchase distilled spirits that manufacturers or suppliers release in limited quantities.

For various reasons, spirits manufacturers and/or suppliers often choose to limit the quantity of each product they distribute in a particular state at a given time. When this occurs, a state does not have control over the number of bottles it receives. Product allocation amounts are determined by spirit manufacturers and/or suppliers.

There will be four Chance to Purchase Events each calendar year.  They will occur in the months of March, June, September, and December.

Each entry will be reviewed to confirm the eligibility of the participant and the validity of the entry.  A random drawing will then be used to select the winning entries for each item. The OLCC reserves the right to make determinations as to ineligible or disqualified entries.

Currently, OLCC is using an internal drawing process with an outside state agency representative monitoring the selection of the winners. OLCC is in the process of finding an outside vendor to conduct the drawing process in the future.

Entering the Event

To be eligible to participate in any Event, participants must be Oregon residents who are at least 21 years of age. A valid, unexpired Oregon Driver License or Oregon Identification Card issued by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is required at the time of purchase.

Employees of the OLCC, a Retail Sales Agent or an individual representing an agent that is a legal entity (Agent Representative) are not eligible to participate. OLCC may disqualify any person from participating in this or future Events for failure to meet these qualifications or for any other conduct deemed by OLCC to be inconsistent with the state alcohol laws and regulations or the requirements of this drawing. OLCC is not obligated to sell the winner an item if the person would not ordinarily be allowed to make a purchase under Oregon’s laws, the bottle becomes unavailable, or OLCC is precluded by other laws or legislative actions that prohibit it from selling the item.

Participation in each quarterly Event is limited to one entry per person. The participant may choose up to five different items from the list of items offered.

Notification of Winners and Non-Winners

Winners will be notified via email by OLCC that their entry was selected. Winning items will be shipped to the liquor store specified on the entry. Winners will be notified by telephone from the liquor store when the product arrives. Winning items must be paid in full at time of purchase within 14 days of notification from the liquor store.  A valid, unexpired Oregon Driver License or Oregon Identification Card issued by the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) is required at the time of purchase. Winning items that remain unclaimed for more than 14 days will be made available for sale.

When an Oregon resident is on active military duty outside of the state, the winner can contact OLCC by email at to discuss further documents that are needed by the OLCC.

ONLY the winners will be notified by email. Email notifications will not be sent to participants who did not win an opportunity to purchase an item.

Oregon Revised Statute 471.405 states it is against the law to solicit or resale alcoholic beverages by any person not authorized by OLCC or Oregon law and to do so is a crime.

Anyone suspected of engaging in a fraudulent or other criminal activity in connection with a Drawing or otherwise will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and will be prohibited to enter future Events.

Winning items that remain unclaimed for more than 14 days will be made available for sale.

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