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Renew a License

2021 One-Year License Renewals

Physicians, podiatric physicians, and physician assistants may renew their licenses now. Current licenses expire December 31, 2020. A $195 late fee will be assessed for any renewals not submitted and paid for prior to this date.

A renewal notification is not required for you to renew your license. Use our online system to renew your license and, if necessary, update your home, mailing, and practice addresses in our records.

A license not renewed by December 31 will lapse, and the licensee may not practice. Practicing medicine with a lapsed license is considered practicing medicine without a license, a felony offense and grounds for disciplinary action.

Please complete your renewal by December 1 to ensure Board staff have time to review and process the renewal application. OMB offices are currently closed to the public, but staff are available to assist by phone or email. Paper renewals are not offered.

Renewal Fees


NEW! Self-service printing of Certificate of Registration

Once your license renewal has been approved, you will receive an email notification with instruction on how to print your new Certificate of Registration. It is suggested that you review all current personal information in your file, including addresses, to ensure that the information is correct. You may review your licensure information and print your new Certificate of Registration by logging into Applicant/Licensee Services.

Continuing Education Audits 

At the time of renewal, the Oregon Medical Board will conduct a random audit of Continuing Medical Education (CME) compliance for renewing licensees. Hours must be relevant to the licensee's practice and be completed within 2020. Licensees may use ongoing participation in maintenance of certification to satisfy the audit. Staff will attempt to verify certification status directly with the accepted certifying board.

Audited licensees will receive initial notification during the renewal application process. Board staff will provide follow-up notification about the audit by email and letter. Licensees must respond to the request within 60 days with documentation of completed CME.

For additional information regarding CME requirements, including the number of hours required, acceptable CME providers, possible exemptions and penalties for failure to comply, please visit our Topic of Interest webpage or review the Oregon Administrative Rule on Continuing Medical Competency Requirements – OAR 847-008-0070


Please review our license statuses to determine which status is most appropriate for you. 
Licensees who would like to change their license from a non-practicing status to a practicing status must:
  1. Renew their license at the current status, and 
  2. Complete a reactivation application.

Licensees Outside of Oregon or Ending Oregon Practice

Planning to Renew
Choose Inactive status if you do not plan to work in Oregon at this time. This status reflects the fact that you are not currently practicing medicine in Oregon.
Choose Locum Tenens status if you plan to work in Oregon intermittently but reside out of state. Locum Tenens licensees must notify the Board in writing and in advance of the date and location of any Oregon practice. 
Not Planning to Renew
You may choose to allow your license to lapse or you may surrender or retire your license if you do not plan to return to practice in Oregon. 
  • To let your license lapse, you need take no further action. A license will lapse automatically if you fail to complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. The Board will notify you that your license has lapsed. Please be aware that you will continue to receive renewal reminders until the license has changed to lapsed status on January 1, 2021. To avoid this, you may provide your lapsed intentions in writing during the renewal period.
  • To surrender or retire your license, you will notify the Board at the beginning of the renewal application  
The definitions for each of these options are available on our license statuses webpage.
For renewal inquiries, our Call Center is open from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. PST.
Phone: 971-673-2700

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