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Dispensing Authority

The supervising physician may request approval for dispensing authority for the PA as part of the practice agreement. The supervising physician must be registered with the Board as a dispensing physician. The PA may not dispense medication until the Board notifies the supervising physician that the PA has been granted dispensing authority.

  • Underserved dispensing may be requested for rural practice areas or medically underserved populations where pharmacy access is restricted to the patient because of geographic or financial restraints.
  • General dispensing may be requested for urban practice areas:  the PA may not dispense Schedule II* controlled substances; each facility from which the PA will dispense medications must be registered as a Supervising Physician Dispensing Outlet with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy; and the PA must complete a PA Drug Dispensing Training Program.

*Effective January 1, 2018, physician assistants with general dispensing authority may dispense Schedule III-IV controlled substances, which was previously prohibited. This change is a result of Senate Bill 423 (2017).

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