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Application Process

Question: Do I need to submit the application fee at the same time I submit my application
Answer: Yes. Applications will not be processed without the proper application fee. Application fees are nonrefundable.

Q: How long will it take to process my application? 
A: It takes approximately 8 - 12 weeks after submitting the application. This time will vary and may be longer depending upon how extensive the past work history is, how many licenses are held in other states, territories, districts or countries, etc.

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Please give the Board staff time to do its job. You can speed the process by making sure you have read and followed directions and all supporting/supplemental documents are submitted to the Board as quickly as possible, in accordance with the directions.

Q: Who is responsible for requesting required items for my file? 
A: It is your responsibility to request all required items for the application file and do the necessary follow-up if items are not received to complete your file. It's very important that you thoroughly review the Application for Licensure page.

Q: Does an application for an Oregon medical license have an expiration date? 
A: Yes. An application is only valid for a 12 month period from the date of being received. After 12 months you must submit a new application and filing fee as if applying for the first time.

Q: I previously submitted supplemental documents but did not submit the application. Do you still have them? 
A: The Board holds received documents for one year. Documents are destroyed after one year if no application is received.

Q: Are there any application deadline dates? 
A: Licensure is approved on a weekly basis for applicants that have completed all application and registration requirements satisfactorily. The Executive Director reviews and approves the application files every Monday and the license numbers are issued the same day.

*PLEASE NOTE —If you have responded AFFIRMATIVELY to any personal history questions or if any derogatory information is received, your file may be required to be reviewed by the Administrative Affairs Committee (AAC). You will be notified in writing if your file requires review by the AAC and your application file must be complete prior to the deadlines listed below. The AAC will later make a recommendation to the full Board.

Q: What if I don't complete the application process by the specified deadline date? 
A: If your file is not 100% complete, your file will be “bumped” into the next AAC/Board meeting dates for review. Please note, additional information may be required.

Q: I am scheduled to complete my residency-training program in June of next year. When should I apply for Oregon licensure? 
A: Applications are only valid for 12 months. Therefore, you should not apply for an Oregon medical license until 3 or 4 months prior to completing your postgraduate training if you attended a U.S. or Canadian medical school.

International medical graduates must complete 3 years of accredited postgraduate training in the U.S. or Canada, but may apply prior to completion. It is recommended that international medical graduates start the application process 5 months prior to allow time to obtain documents from overseas.

Q: Do I need an Active Oregon license if I am an Out-of-State-Physician providing service for Oregon patients with no patient contact (i.e., Teleradiology, Telemedicine, Pathologist, Telemonitoring)? 
See requirements below:

  • Pathology: NO
  • Teleradiology: NO
  • Telemedicine: YES
  • Telemonitoring: YES

Q: What happens if I respond affirmatively to any of the personal history questions? 
A: Affirmative responses may require additional review by the Administrative Affairs Committee (AAC). If your file requires review by the AAC, you will be notified in writing which will also include deadline dates. The AAC will make a recommendation to the full Board during a quarterly meeting the following month.