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Orders for Evaluation

What is an Order for Evaluation?

If concerns are raised regarding a licensee's physical or mental health or their medical knowledge or competence, the Board may issue an order for the licensee to get an appropriate evaluation to assess those concerns per ORS 677.420. The Board’s Executive Director or Medical Director have authority to issue an Order for Evaluation under certain circumstances.  These orders are issued by the Board and are considered confidential.

What type of evaluation may I be asked to do?

The type of evaluation is typically determined after a review of the case information by the Investigative Committee of the Board. 

Where would an evaluation take place?

Substance use, neurocognitive, or psychiatric evaluations must be performed by a Board-approved evaluator or at a Board-approved evaluation site. For this reason, it is important for the licensee to work closely with the Board investigator in scheduling the evaluation. Fitness to practice evaluations are typically performed at one of the following locations:

  • Center for Personalized Education for Professionals (CPEP): CPEP offers assessments and tailored educational programs designed to meet the specific needs of physicians, podiatric physicians, and physician assistants.
  • Acumen Assessments: Acumen offers clinical and forensic fitness to practice assessments for a wide variety of issues, including boundary violations, psychiatric disorders, and professionalism concerns.

Can I pursue an evaluation without an Order for Evaluation?

If a licensee is under investigation, a voluntary evaluation should not be pursued without the knowledge of the assigned case investigator. The investigator will work with the licensee to ensure that the evaluator is approved by the Board, that appropriate releases of information are in place, and that necessary documentation is sent to the evaluator by the investigator at least two weeks prior to the evaluation. Failure to coordinate an evaluation with the assigned investigator may result in the evaluation being deemed unacceptable, thus requiring the licensee to undergo a second evaluation with a different evaluator.

What does an Order for Evaluation entail?

The terms of an Order for Evaluation include the type of evaluation the licensee will need to undergo, the time frame for enrollment, a stipulation that releases must be in place at least two weeks prior to the evaluation date, that the costs will be borne by the licensee, and that the evaluation must be completed within four months of the order date. Examples of the standard Order for Evaluation and terms for specific types of evaluations are included below.

Will the Order for Evaluation be confidential?

Orders for Evaluation are confidential per ORS 192.398(1) and ORS 676.175. However, the Order may become public if a licensee is found to have violated the Order, which is grounds for disciplinary action.