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Who Must Report to the Board? (Mandatory Reporters)

The following individuals, institutions and organizations are required by law to make reports to the Board: 
Board licensees and licensees of all health professional boards
Health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes)
The Oregon Medical Association
The Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Oregon
The Oregon Podiatric Medical Association
The Oregon Society of Physician Assistants
The Oregon Association of Acupuncturists
Primary insurers, self-insured, Health Maintenance Organizations

Licensed health care providers in Oregon are part of a professional community with an ethical obligation to self-regulate. Notifying the Board of concerns about medical professionals upholds the profession's integrity and allows the Board to protect the public and offer remediation or resources whenever possible.

Reporting to the Board means making a report to the OMB's Investigation Unit, Executive Director, or Medical Director. Making a report directly to the Health Professionals' Services Program (HPSP) or HPSP's Medical Director does not satisfy the duty to report to the Board. Address changes and retirement notices are made to the Board's Licensing Unit.

A report to the Board is not a finding of wrongdoing. Instead, the Board will look into the matter and decide whether a violation has occurred. Only the Board can determine if discipline is warranted.

The table below is a summary of required reports to the Board. The list may be updated and revised at any time. 

 Click the image above for a PDF version.

The following table contains a summary of reports licensed health care providers in Oregon must make to other state agencies or local governments. Making these reports helps to protect the public and provides valuable information that only a health care provider may have access to. The list may be updated and revised at any time. Please review the associated references for specific requirements.

Click the image above for a PDF version.

1. Click here to visit the PEST Program website. 

2. Click here to visit the OVERS website. 

3. Click here to visit the Oregon Immunization Program website. 

Mandatory Reporting Laws

Integrated Behavioral Health MAT Statement

It may be medically appropriate for some medical board licensees participating in HPSP to be prescribed Buprenorphine or other Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as an adjunct to their other behavioral treatment requirements. Like other medications, HPSP licensees prescribed a MAT are required to regularly submit a medication management form that is signed by their prescriber. Further, they must follow all HPSP guideline requirements associated with medications and continue with periodic testing to ensure adherence to the medication and abstinence from other drugs. The prescribing physician, in consultation and approval by the HPSP Medical Director, will identify medication duration and dosage. These factors, as well as the licensee's position, will be considered carefully when making return to work recommendations in order to protect public safety.

HPSP advocates for and supports all licensees utilizing Buprenorphine or other MAT as part of their substance use disorder treatment for whom the medication is medically appropriate while the licensee is in monitoring.

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