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Attorney Representation

An attorney may be helpful in understanding and responding to legal documents issued by the Board.  Attorneys also can accompany licensees to interviews with the Board and represent licensees in contested case hearings and other matters before the Board.

Please note that Oregon Medical Board staff cannot provide legal advice.  


To make legal arguments or sign legal documents in Oregon Medical Board proceedings, an attorney must be in good standing with the Oregon State Bar, or affiliate with such an attorney and appear pro hac vice.

Pro Hac Vice

A motion to appear pro hac vice before the Oregon Medical Board must contain the following:

  • Certificate of Compliance which covers most of the Uniform Trial Court Rule (UTCR) 3.170(1) requirements.
  • Certificate of good standing from the jurisdiction in which the attorney regularly practices.
  • If the attorney's appearance before the Board will constitute the private practice of law under ORS 9.160 and related statutes, a Certificate of Insurance covering the attorney’s activities in Oregon and providing professional liability insurance substantially equivalent to the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund Plan.
  • A statement that the applying attorney is associated with a member of the Oregon State Bar who will "participate meaningfully in the matter."

Applications to appear pro hac vice are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Each application is good for one attorney, per case, per year. A fee is not required. Additional guidance is provided by UTCR3.170. Once authorization is granted by the Oregon Medical Board, the local attorney must submit a copy of the authorization to the Oregon State Bar.


If the case continues beyond twelve months from the date of acknowledgment by the Oregon Medical Board, an attorney must submit a pro hac vice renewal application.


Submit Applications to:

Oregon Medical Board

Attn: Executive Director

1500 SW 1st Ave., Suite 620

Portland, OR 97201-5847


Attention: Investigations Coordinator