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License Statuses

Active: For licensees who are actively practicing in Oregon, with a current Oregon practice address. Can be granted within certain Oregon bordering regions in California, Idaho, Nevada, or Washington.

Active - One Year: For physicians practicing in a postgraduate training program in Oregon. Must renew annually. *Also granted in the event of a declared emergency. See OAR 847-010-0068. 

Active - One Year with Distinguished Professor Limitation: For physicians who do not meet the qualifications for a full unlimited license but who are recognized as highly distinguished in their field of medicine and have received a full-time professor appointment at a school of medicine in Oregon. Practice is limited to the professor appointment. Must renew annually.

Administrative Medicine Active: For physicians practicing in Oregon who do not provide direct patient care and practice in an administrative capacity only. 

Emeritus: For licensees who practice in Oregon for no pay or any other type of compensation; these licensees volunteer their medical skills only. Must renew annually. These licensees may write prescriptions.

Inactive: For licensees living in Oregon but not practicing medicine; or for licensees who are not practicing in Oregon. 

Inactive - One Year: For physicians practicing in a postgraduate training program outside of Oregon. Must renew annually. 

Locum Tenens: For licensees who do not live in Oregon, but who plan on practicing intermittently within Oregon for no more than 240 days every two years. A licensee with Locum Tenens status who wishes to practice in Oregon for longer than 240 days in the biennium will need to reactivate their license to Active status. Locum Tenens licensees must notify the Board in writing in advance of the specific dates, places, and telephone numbers of each Locum Tenens practice. These licensees may write prescriptions. A license with Locum Tenens status must be renewed biennially. If a licensee does not practice in Oregon during the biennium, the license will return to Inactive status at the time of renewal.

Locum Tenens with Volunteer Camp Limitation: Practice limited to volunteer medical services at a camp operated by a nonprofit organization for no more than 14 days per year.

Military/Public Health Active: For licensees serving in the Military or US Public Health Service or employed with the US Department of Veteran Affairs, the US Department of State, Foreign Service or the Indian Health Service. Allows these licensees to remain Active without an Oregon practice address if Oregon is the official state of residence. Oregon practice outside of duties as required by service authorities is prohibited. Licensee must provide proof of current assignment or employment and proof of residence. 

Telemedicine Active: For physicians and physician associates who practice outside of Oregon and render medical treatment to patients in Oregon via electronic means. 

Telemonitoring Active: For physicians who practice outside of Oregon and monitor intraoperative data collected during surgery on patients in Oregon which is transmitted to them via a telemedicine link. 

Teleradiology Active: For physicians who practice outside of Oregon and read radiological images transmitted from Oregon to their practice location and communicate their radiological findings back to the ordering physician in Oregon. 

Retired: For licensees who are fully retired and not practicing any form of medicine in any state, whether paid, volunteer, or writing prescriptions. 

Lapsed: The license is lapsed due to non-renewal of the license. The licensee may not practice medicine in Oregon. 

Suspended: The licensee has temporarily lost the right to practice in Oregon. Suspension may be temporary or indefinite. 

Surrendered: The licensee has returned the license to the Board because the licensee will not be practicing in Oregon in the future and does not wish to maintain the license. This may be non-disciplinary or may be in lieu of disciplinary action. 

Expired: The license has expired due to being in Lapsed status for four years or more. 

Revoked: The Board has taken disciplinary action by revoking the license’s right to practice in Oregon. The Medical Practice Act permits an individual whose license has been revoked to apply for restoration of the license two years after the license was revoked. Restoration may be granted or withheld at the Board’s discretion.