Re-Entry to Practice

The Board supports provider re-entry as part of its mission to promote access to quality care. Healthcare professionals who re-enter practice after more than two years of clinical inactivity collaborate with the Board to establish a re-entry plan.  The resulting plan is formalized in a Consent Agreement for Re-Entry to Practice (formerly Corrective Action Agreement), which is non-disciplinary.  This agreement is a mutual understanding of how the healthcare professional will demonstrate competency after a lapse in practice.  It may include terms such as mentorship by another healthcare professional and continuing education in the intended area of practice.  A Consent Agreement for Re-Entry to Practice ends upon successful completion.

When crafting a re-entry plan, the Board considers many factors and tailors the agreement to the healthcare professional's specific circumstances.  Some of the factors include:
  • How long was the professional independently practicing prior to the interruption in practice?
  • How long was the professional out of practice?
  • What has the professional done to maintain competency (e.g. continuing education or maintenance of certification)?
  • What is the professional's specialty and intended practice setting?  

The Board's Re-Entry to Clinical Practice Packet  will assist you in initiating your re-entry plan.

This chart shows the number of Board licensees who have returned to practice through Corrective Action Agreements and Consent Agreements from January 2013 through June 2018.




If you are considering returning to practice after a period of clinical inactivity, please review
Re-Entry to Clinical Practice Packet and contact the Board.  
​Licensing staff members look forward to ​helping you through the re-entry process.

Licensing ​Call Center
9 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
​Phone: 971-673-2700



Additional Resources​

Re-Entry Programs 

This list of programs is provided by and is for informational purposes only.  The Oregon Medical Board does not endorse re-entry programs.