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Public Information & Public Records Requests

The Oregon Medical Board (OMB) is the custodian of licensing records for MD/DO/DPM physicians, physician assistants (PA), and acupuncturists. The OMB is not the custodian of records for other health care providers or facilities, please contact the appropriate health care board.

Free Online Information

Public Records Requests - Payment Required 

Other Requests. For public records requests not included in the request forms listed above, please submit a detailed request via email ( with your name and contact information. Be as specific as possible and include the type of record(s), subject matter, approximate date(s), names of persons involved, and name and contact information for the person requesting the public information. 

Responding to Your Request. Once your request is received, the OMB staff:

  • Will respond within 5 business days to acknowledge receipt.
  • May request additional information or clarification to expedite our response.
  • Will provide an estimate of the time and fees, if applicable, required to make the records available to you.
  • Can work with you to narrow the request to reduce the time and fees associated with the request.
  • Will communicate any applicable state or federal laws that prohibit the disclosure or redaction of records requested.

Records Request Fees. Oregon Public Records Law allows agencies to recover actual costs to fulfill a public records request. The OMB's fee schedule is located in OAR 847-005-0008. As outlined in the rule, some public records have an established pre-set price based on staff time to provide the records. Otherwise, the estimated fee is based on the amount of staff needed to gather, compile, and review the requested records with the first 30 minutes of staff time waived.
For questions about public records requests please email

Free by Telephone or E-mail

Call us at 971-673-2700 or Toll Free in Oregon 877-254-6263.
E-mail us at

By calling between 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, a person can obtain the following information about any health care provider licensed by the Board:

  • License number
  • Initial Oregon licensure date
  • License expiration date
  • License status
  • Mailing address
  • Business address
  • Business phone number
  • Reported specialty
  • Closed malpractice claim basic information
  • Location of patient records (if applicable)

 Limited to 3 names per phone call or e-mail each day. Information is also available online.