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Individual Licensing and Certifications

Oregon has several occupational licenses for individuals working in the death care industry.  These licenses are based on specific scope of practice.  Which license is required for you, if any, is based on the type of work you wish to perform and the services you intend to offer – not necessarily on the location where services are provided or which business title you wish to use.   

The information included below is only an overview of the licensing requirements. If you have any questions about the licensing process, please reach out to our licensing manager.
We encourage all applicants to review information about the background checks that will be performed by the Board prior to submitting an application.

Applying for individual licenses has now moved online! 

To get started, go to our Applicant Portal 

What do I need to know to apply online?
  • If you’ve never been licensed by OMCB, you’ll need to create an account. Click “New User? Apply Now” You’ll provide your email address and a temporary password will be sent to you. You’ll be required to change this password and set up security questions the first time that you login.
  • Have you been previously licensed by OMCB, and you’re now applying for a new license type? For example, are you an apprentice who is now ready to apply for full licensure? If so, use the login information that you used for the Licensee Portal at renewal to log in to the Applicant Portal. 
Once you’ve logged in to the Applicant Portal, click on the license type that want to apply for to start a new application. The application will walk you through the various steps to apply. You can leave the application and come back later to complete it. Please note- you can only have one application in progress at a time. 

Applications are not considered complete until all required information is received by the Board, including information sent by other parties. This also includes payment of all application fees. Fees can be paid online by credit card, or you can mail in a check or money order to the Board. 

Please note- some information required for the application can be uploaded directly into the application, so you may want to collect some documents and information ahead of time! Other documents must be sent directly to the Board from the issuing agency, or the Board must review a physical copy of the document, so it can’t be uploaded. 

All Applications, regardless of license type, require the following:
  • Photo of the Applicant, similar to a passport or driver’s license. The photo must only include the applicant. 
  • 10 Years of Residential History
  • 10 Years of Employment History
  • Documentation related to any prior convictions or administrative actions, if applicable (See Background Checks for additional information) 
  • Verification of any other Professional Licenses that you hold, in Oregon or any other states/jurisdictions 
Review each license type below for information on what additional information you may need to apply for licensure.


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