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Oregon Heritage Service Changes During COVID-19 Response

Oregon Heritage, which includes the State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon Heritage Commission and Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, in order to protect people vulnerable to COVID-19 and avoid overwhelming critical resources, is adjusting its business practices for the time being.

To address social distancing the majority of staff has been set-up to work remotely, meetings will be teleconference, and travel is extremely limited. Support for heritage organizations and government agencies managing COVID-19 issues is our highest priority. We are also working to make several of our programs more flexible, when possible, in response to COVID-19 challenges.

The National Park Service, our federal partner for programs like the National Register of Historic Places and the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit, are open for business but with some limitations. The National Register program has asked for a pause in new submittals for now. The Federal Tax Credit program is accepting new applications but has warned that there may be a lag time for hard-copy responses. Both programs are open for phone calls and emails.

Section 106 deadlines remain in place for now, but the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has allowed for a pause for SHPO/THPO response times should our staff become unavailable due to illness, and are encouraging federal agencies to be flexible and communicative around Section 106 deadlines.

With most staff teleworking, access to physical mail (USPS, UPS, etc.) is limited. Please use electronic delivery as much as possible. If there is urgent physical mail, please email the recipient notification that it is on its way.

Finally, this is stressful time for everyone. Our staff is encouraged to take care of themselves as they manage their personal lives and continue to work in new conditions.

We will continue to serve you as best we can. The above limitations will likely slow our response and shift our attention. The situation is also ever-changing. We ask your patience as we maneuver through this situation, and we will offer the same to you. We also encourage our heritage partners to follow guidance in maintaining social distancing and hygiene recommendations.

COVID-19 Resource Page

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