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Safety and Education

Welcome to recreational boating!
Boating has everything and that's why there are so many boat types and activities for any adventure imaginable.  Whether it's relaxing on a serene lake or running through whitewater rapids, Oregon has it all.

But to have a fun, relaxing, and thrilling time, being prepared, having the right equipment, and knowing what to do in different situations can make a difference.  

Rivers and the Pacific Ocean (even the surf zone) are the most inherently dangerous. It's important to ALWAYS scout ahead, mind the tide, decide on the safest route and expect the unexpected. Most accidents and fatalities are due to falling overboard, collisions, operator error/misjudgment, and reckless behavior. 

Take the time to plan ahead.  For more details, see the links on this page. Learn about:

Think about what you would do if you fell overboard. Could you self-rescue? What do you do if you're caught in a snag? What do you do if your boat swings around and the anchor line is near the prop? Thinking is a necessity in boating. Act with intention. Be smart about your activity and understand how your activity impacts those around you.

Don't be "that" boater.