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COVID-19 Updates

Current Mask Status for Facilities

Face coverings/masks are optional for staff, volunteers, and visitors at low-risk OYA facilities. Low-risk is defined by how many people currently have COVID in the facility and in the community around the facility. 

There are two exceptions for OYA staff:

  • Masks are still required in all healthcare settings, including OYA's facility clinics.
  • Masks are required for OYA employees who are transporting youth in a state vehicle.

OYA will check the risk levels weekly. If there's a COVID outbreak in a facility or the number of cases increases in the community, facilities will require masks or other precautions again. 

Mask Requirements as of Aug. 4, 2022

Chart showing each facility and whether face coverings are required 

Current Youth Cases

Current positive cases: 22 

  • 15 at at Rogue Valley YCF
  • 2 at Tillamook YCF
  • 5 in community settings

Cumulative number of positive cases since beginning of pandemic: 449

  • 293 youth in OYA facilities
  • 156 youth living in community settings

Number of deaths: 0

Number of incarcerated youth currently in medical isolation: 15 at Rogue Valley YCF and 2 at Tillamook YCF

Number of current hospitalizations due to COVID: 0

Number of youth in COVID-19 quarantine: 37

  • 23 at Rogue Valley YCF
  • 5 at Tillamook YCF
  • 9 at a community residential program

Updated: Aug. 4, 2022

Current OYA Staff Cases

Current positive cases: 13

  • 5 at MacLaren YCF
  • 2 at Tillamook YCF
  • 2 at Rogue Valley YCF
  • 2 at OYA field offices
  • 2 at OYA central office

Cumulative number of positive cases since beginning of pandemic: 431

  • 335 staff in OYA facilities
  • 46 Community Services staff
  • 50 Central Office staff

Number of deaths: 0

Updated: Aug. 4, 2022

OYA Secure Facilities: Youth COVID-19 Dashboard, Includes youth vaccination rates and COVID cases, Click to see data

COVID-19 Vaccines: Info for OYA

COVID-19 vaccines are still available through our facility clinics for youth in OYA facilities who want them. 

For our youth in the community, we are encouraging them to talk with their health care provider or their juvenile parole/probation officer if they want the vaccine.

The vaccine is not mandatory for our youth. However, all state employees, including those who work at OYA, are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have an approved medical or religious exception.

Information for Youth and Families | Información para jóvenes y familias

Information for Latino Youth and Families (Información para jóvenes y familias latinos)

Perspectives from the Black Community

Information for Native American Youth and Families

Visiting for OYA facilities

All OYA facilities are currently open for in-person visiting, except for youth who are in quarantine or medical isolation. Contact your youth's case coordinator for more information.

OYA offices open

OYA's county field offices and our central office in Salem are now open for walk-in visits. Masks are not required in our offices, although we encourage you to wear one if it makes you more comfortable.

Pandemic Response Plan

OYA's Pandemic Response Plan includes basic details about how the agency responds to and handles issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan and our pandemic response were developed in close consultation with Oregon Health Authority.

OYA Coronavirus 2019 Pandemic Response Plan

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