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Health Care for Youth

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While your child is with Oregon Youth Authority, we will make sure their needs are met. This includes medical care, dental care, and mental health care. We only provide services that are medically necessary.

Youth also receive regular health education information, nutritious meals, and opportunities for sports and recreation.

Most of our youth correctional facilities and transition facilities have their own clinics with nurses, a doctor, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and access to a dentist. We also have contracts with health care providers in the community for services we are unable to provide at our facilities.

Who pays for their health care?

Youth in OYA Correctional and Transitional Facilities
OYA pays for all necessary medical services for all youth in our facilities. Youth are not eligible to receive Oregon Health Plan benefits while they are in these facilities.

Youth in Community Placements (residential programs, OYA foster or proctor homes, or independent living)
If your youth is eligible for medical benefits through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), we will help them set up an account. However, if your youth is also covered by private health insurance, that must be used before OHP.

Private Health Insurance 

If you already have private health insurance for your youth, you should keep it, and let OYA know about it. You can call our Youth Benefits Access Team to provide the information: 503-373-7595.

If your youth needs emergency or specialty care somewhere outside of our facilities, your insurance could help pay for this. 

Private health insurance premiums may be reimbursed. Please contact the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program to see if you qualify.

Social Security

Oregon law says that if a youth is eligible to receive Social Security benefits, OYA must apply to get those benefits to help provide care for the youth. If your youth was already receiving any type of Social Security benefits, those payments will now come to OYA instead of to your family.

Your youth may qualify for Social Security if they have physical or mental disabilities, or if their parent died, retired, or is disabled. If we believe your youth is eligible for these benefits while they are in our custody, we will help them apply to receive them.

Getting Medical Information About Your Child

OYA health services follows HIPAA privacy guidelines. We are not allowed to release medical information about youth in our custody without a signed release. More information is available on our Medical Records page.
  • Youth who are 14 and younger must have a release of information signed by their facility's superintendent.
  • Youth who are 15 and older must sign a release of information form before we can share their medical information.
If your youth is in an OYA facility and you want updates about their medical care, please contact their case coordinator or living unit manager. They can help you find the information.

If your youth is at a community placement, you can contact their juvenile parole/probation officer (JPPO) for updates.


For information about your child's medical care: 

Contact their juvenile parole/probation officer (for youth on parole or probation), or their case coordinator or living unit manager (for youth in OYA facilities). They can help you get the information you need.

JPPO Contact List

Questions about medical benefits, insurance, or Social Security:

Youth Benefits Access Team