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Youth Property and Packages

Youth at Camp Tillamook are allowed to wear personal or OYA-issued clothing. Camp Tillamook provides them with work crew clothing, which includes rain gear and boots.

Youth can receive packages in the mail, though these are subject to search by staff.

You may send your youth postage stamps, phone cards (only needed for making international calls), appropriate clothing, and hygiene products (no alcohol, aerosol, or glass containers).

Food and drinks are also allowed, but it is preferred this is given to the youth during visitation. Please do not send food in the mail.

In addition to being issued basic items from OYA and receiving personal items in the mail, Camp Tillamook youth often have an opportunity to go on supervised trips into the community to go shopping.

Each youth has storage about the size of a large shoe box to hold their snacks or drinks. The overall storage space at Camp is limited. Please keep this in mind when deciding how many items to give your youth. 

For more information on what can be mailed to a youth, contact Doug Durham, camp counselor, at 503-373-0326 or