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Getting Started with JJIS, JJPS, and JPAS


Whether you are a new OYA or County Juvenile Department JJIS worker; a worker from a partner agency authorized to use JJPS; or an authorized worker from a contracted service provider using JPAS, there are some basic things to know about JJIS before you get started.

  • As a new user, it is important to familiarize yourself with the JJIS User Security policy, especially understanding your responsibilities and the appropriate use of JJIS for your job.
  • Please review the demos available before you log on to JJIS, JJPS, or JPAS. Select the demo appropriate to the access you are receiving (based on user type).
  • After you have completed the online demo, your local JJIS Security Coordinator will provide you with your user account and log-in information.

Access, Appropriate Use, Confidentiality, and Security

"No person is allowed to seek, obtain, use or release information from JJIS for private or personal reasons."

Access, Appropriate Use, and Confidentiality - a brief overview of the expectations of a JJIS user  

The following JJIS policies are in PDF format - view using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

  • User Security - articulates standards for access to and use of JJIS; clarifies standards for authorization and revocation of access; and clarifies consequences for violations of security
  • Privacy & Protection of Confidential Information - provides direction on protecting the privacy and security of confidential information stored in JJIS; authorizes limited, appropriate access to confidential information in JJIS to sponsored external partners; limits re-disclosure of confidential information to those authorized

Online Demos and Basic Instructional Materials

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