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Juvenile Justice Information System

What is JJIS?

A Shared Information System for Oregon Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a statewide, integrated electronic database designed to support a continuum of services among all members of the juvenile justice community.

JJIS is administered by the state of Oregon through the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), in a collaborative partnership between OYA and Oregon's county juvenile departments.

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Oregon is one of only three states in the nation that has a statewide data system for youth in the justice system, allowing caseworkers across the state to make better-informed decisions about how to address youths' behaviors and needs.

Mission and Values

The mission of JJIS is to promote public safety and youth accountability, and to offer opportunities for rehabilitation to youth, through the development and sustainability of a statewide juvenile justice information system.

Representatives of OYA and the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors' Association (OJDDA) serve on the JJIS Steering Committee and form the JJIS partnership.

Who Accesses JJIS

Access to JJIS is granted to OYA and the county juvenile departments pursuant to signed intergovernmental agreements. Other public and private agencies that work with youth served by the county juvenile departments and OYA are external partners.  The JJIS Steering Committee can also approve access to JJIS for research projects that support county and statewide research priorities. 


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JJIS Modernization

JJIS was established in 1995, and while technology and Oregon’s juvenile justice system have evolved, JJIS has not. The software that allows us to access the database will soon be obsolete. Without modernizing the system, it will become increasingly difficult — if not impossible — to find people to fix glitches with the software, and JJIS may no longer work for the thousands of juvenile justice professionals who rely on it every day.

We have a plan to fix the problem — and to bring JJIS into the 21st century. We are developing a modernized JJIS that is flexible and web-based, and will result in an array of advantages for Oregon’s juvenile justice professionals, who need real-time access to information from any location at any time of day or night. The modernized JJIS will feature modern tools for modern times — resulting in a more productive workforce, maintaining continuity of care for youth and families, and allowing us to continue developing predictive analytics tools that improve our decision-making and keep communities safe.

The project is currently in the planning phase. We will update this information when we know more about our approach and timeline. To get a current status update, please contact Nichole Pyle, JJIS Modernization Project Manager at steven.hoffert@oya.state.or.us.


Project Overview

Project Structure 




The development team recently completed work on our ‘Proof of Concept’ for Module 1 functionality. That work is outlined in this demo.

  • Module 1 - View-Only Youth Demographics, featuring search by name, date of birth, ID number; global search; youth overview; active alerts; caseload

Additional demos will be posted when development kicks off. Keep checking back.







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JJIS Data & Evaluation Reports

Annual Data & Evaluation reports are published by the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) Steering Committee.  The intent of these reports is to aid in the overall planning, development, and evaluation of programs designed to reduce juvenile crime.

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JJIS "Lenses" - Partner and Provider Systems

The Juvenile Justice Partner System (JJPS) provides a real-time view of the status of youth cases in the juvenile justice system for designated public safety agency users.

Juvenile Justice Partner System (JJPS)


The Juvenile Provider Access System (JPAS) is a subsystem of the statewide-integrated Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), designed to facilitate information sharing between OYA or county juvenile parole/probation staff and contracted providers throughout the youth referral, screening, and placement process.

Juvenile Provider Access System (JPAS)


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