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Employer newsletters

PERS’ monthly online newsletter Employer News provides important information for PERS-participating employers. Employers are automatically subscribed through their EDX account. Current and past newsletters are linked below.


May 2024

  • Reporting wages after last day of service
  • Closing for the summer? Let us know
  • 2023 member annual statements
  • Final earnings crediting rates
  • Top 5 reasons to take the PERS Employer Satisfaction Survey

April 2024

  • The PERS retirement package
  • How PERS calculates pensions
  • Navigating the road to retirement
  • Adding wages or changing data after retirement
  • Gold star awards
  • RHIA credit explained
  • New online resources
  • Employer satisfaction survey

March 2024

  • New way to prioritize emails from PERS
  • How to print this newsletter (or save as PDF)
  • New and updated employer resources
  • New Preliminary earnings crediting rates
  • What is the PERS Employer Advisory Group?
  • Update to Employer Rate Projection Tool
  • Upcoming events
  • EDX tip: downloading your invoice

February 2024

  • Deadline to make changes to a retiree’s account
  • Reporting Work Share payments
  • Preparing for member annual statements
  • Employer Rate Projection Tool updated
  • Get all 2023 reports posted this month

January 2024

  • New year, new look for Employer News
  • New and updated employer resources
  • Annual OPSRP loss-of-membership (LOM) status applied in January
  • Salary Limit and Member Redirect 2024 changes
  • Shoot for the star
  • 2023 PERS annual reports published


December 2023

  • Changes to PERS from 2023 legislative session
  • Receiving service credit for summer months
  • What is the PERS Risk Assessment Team survey?
  • Contribution start date for employees hired in December
  • New 2024 Salary Limit and Member Redirect rates coming in January
  • Controlling your rate: the hidden costs of ‘pension spiking’

November 2023

  • When to report employee time off to PERS
  • Want to save your organization money? Check for suspended records
  • PERS disability questions and answers
  • How to report an employee death

October 2023

  • Make sure employees are still eligible (or not) for PERS this year
  • Do you have ‘inactive’ employees?
  • New employer reporting guides and videos
  • It’s time for PERS Expo

September 2023

  • Use the right status code to hire retirees
  • Always use employees’ full names
  • Update your contact list
  • Tip for reporting contributions for a new employee at the end of their wait time

August 2023

  • Results of 2023 legislative session
  • Three steps to hiring retirees
  • Use updated beneficiary forms
  • Reminder: Include your employer number
  • Registration open for ‘Destination: Retirement,’ the annual PERS Expo
  • EDX tip: The right way to enter employee addresses

July 2023

  • New rates effective July 1
  • Work After Retirement program extended
  • Reminder: July 1 was OPSRP membership start date for December hires
  • Thank you for taking the Employer Satisfaction Survey

June 2023

  • New PERS website coming soon
  • Fielding employee questions about applying for PERS retirement
  • Attention, new retirees: Do these two things before returning to work
  • How to report IAP contributions for employees who have different contribution types

May 2023

  • Final earnings crediting rates
  • Instructions for changing your Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank
  • Take the PERS annual satisfaction survey
  • Remember to terminate working retirees
  • Notify PERS if taking a summer break from reporting
  • 2022 member annual statements on their way
  • Beneficiary forms require a real signature

April 2023

  • Two new online resources available now
  • Choose your PERS email topics
  • How to fill out a Certification of Individual Contract (CIC) form
  • EDX tip: Reporting wages during employee’s six-month wait time
March 2023
  • Overview of 2023 Oregon legislative session
  • Delayed prior-year earnings (PYE) billing
  • Preliminary earnings crediting update
  • PERS Health Insurance Program (PHIP) 2023 materials
  • EDX tip: Data verification request

February 2023

  • Let ESC help you clean up your reports
  • 2022 Gold Star Awards
  • Employer Rate Projection Tool (ERPT) updated
  • Make sure employees’ mailing addresses are correct
  • EDX tip: Why do only local-government employers use work period dates?

January 2023

  • Paid Leave Oregon deductions begin this month
  • Annual OPSRP loss-of-membership status applied in January
  • Salary Limit and Member Redirect 2023 changes
  • Health insurance for PERS retirees


December 2022

  • Preview of Paid Leave Oregon and PERS reporting — part two
  • New 2023 Salary Limit and Member Redirect rates coming in January
  • Employer Incentive Fund update for year-end 2022
  • Controlling your rate: the hidden costs of ‘pension spiking’
  • Revised W-4P retirement tax form
  • Contribution start date for employees hired in December
  • Reporting an employee death

November 2022

  • Announcing updated employer manuals
  • Refreshed EDX design coming November 18
  • Actuarial news: Side accounts and liabilities maturing in 2027
  • Avoid suspended reports: Check your part-time employees' hours
  • Update your contacts in EDX
  • Put "pending benefit" emails at the top of your to-do list
October 2022

  • EDX getting a makeover next month
  • Actuarial valuations coming this month
  • Results of the annual Employer Satisfaction Survey
  • Attend the PERS Expo this week
  • Addressing your 2022 suspended records
September 2022

  • Member Choice open September 1–30
  • 2022 PERS Expo coming next month
  • 2021 actuarial valuations available this fall
  • Preview of Paid Leave Oregon and PERS reporting
  • Tip to help working retirees avoid repaying their retirement payments

August 2022

  • What you need to know about hiring retirees
  • Important: Use your employer number
  • Prior-year earnings invoices go paperless
  • Registration open for the annual PERS Expo
  • Employer Incentive Fund (EIF) update

July 2022

  • Announcing new and improved employer statements
  • Help us improve your actuarial valuations
  • What is the Multnomah Fire District #10 UAL rate?
  • Senate Bill 1522 clarifies out-of-state rules for charter schools
  • Reminder: July 1 was the OPSRP membership start date for December hires
  • Thank you for completing the Employer Satisfaction Survey

June 2022

  • How Senate Bill 1586 can affect PERS benefits
  • Having trouble reporting?
  • Reminder for your employees: Designate a beneficiary
  • EDX tip: Protecting your EDX account
  • Social Security invoices coming soon

May 2022

  • PERS offices are open
  • Employer Incentive Fund (EIF) update
  • Take the annual survey
  • Calculating unused sick leave
  • 2021 member annual statements on their way in May
  • How to report bonuses for school employees

April 2022

  • Help with suspended records
  • 2020 Gold Star Awards
  • Final earnings crediting
  • 2022 legislative wrap-up
  • Updated UAL Resolution Program educational guides
  • EDX tip: Reporting average overtime for a new employee

March 2022

  • Understanding PERS retiree health insurance
  • Update on 2021 PERS Fund returns
  • Preliminary earnings crediting update
  • Legislative update

February 2022

  • Annual Employer Rate Projection Tool (ERPT) update
  • Improved financial modeling outlook
  • 2021 year-end reconciliation: Resolving reporting issues
  • Preparing for 2021 member annual statements
  • We need your help
  • What to do with a PERS debit notification email

January 2022

  • New 2022 salary limits and requirements
  • Access your actuarial valuation online
  • Beware scam messages
  • OPSRP loss-of-membership (LOM) status applied this month
  • Continue 2021 year-end reconciliation


December 2021
  • Advisory actuarial valuations coming soon
  • Member Redirect salary threshold increasing January 1
  • New salary limit coming in 2022
  • Year-end reconciliation: phase 1 ends December 31
  • Reminder: December new-employees’ contribution start date
  • Reporting an employee death
November 2021
  • System-wide advisory valuation predicts possible rate changes for 2023-25
  • PERS Expo available online
  • New employer announcement explains how Senate Bill 111A affects out-of-state employees
  • Questions and answers about Work After Retirement
  • Year-end reconciliation: fixing suspended records
  • Senate Bill 111A preview
  • Two new additions to EDX functionality
  • It’s time for 2021 reporting reconciliation
  • EDX tip: Changing position type
  • EDX enhancements coming soon
  • Preview of how financial assumptions are expected to affect your rates in 2023
  • Keeping up with the Oregon PERS Fund
  • About the Employer Service Center
  • PERS 2021 Retirement Expo
August 2021
  • Rate-collar methodology updated
  • Member Choice window opens September 1
  • PERS Board adopts new actuarial assumptions for 2021–23
  • Announcing new Employer Rate Projection Tool
  • EDX tip of the month: Membership error
July 2021
  • Understanding financial assumptions up for board approval this month
  • 75 years — a major milestone for PERS
  • EDX tip: Voluntary contribution start date
June 2021
  • New rates effective July 1, 2021
  • FYI: Making side account deposits
  • EDX tip: Important steps to complete when someone stops working for you
May 2021
  • FYI: entering retroactive payroll
  • Virtual education sessions
  • Annual employer satisfaction survey is open May 1 through 31
  • Understanding Member (IAP) Redirect
  • Employer communications survey has closed
April 2021
  • Update on biennial review of PERS assumed rate
  • Legislative update
  • Work After Retirement exceptions during SB 1049
  • EDX tip of the month
  • A look at earnings crediting
  • Legislative update
  • Announcing new ‘Guide to Understanding Your Valuation’
  • Q&A about Member (IAP) Redirect’s effect on final average salary
  • EDX tip: The demographic correction request (DCR) Comments box
  • Resolving eligibility issues
  • Update on the Employer Rate-Projection Tool
  • New website and a request for help
  • 2021 Legislative Session
  • EDX tip of the month: new hire reporting
  • 2020 year-end reconciliation continues
  • Important 2021 changes
  • Annual OPSRP loss-of-membership (LOM) status applied in January
  • Time to check mailing addresses for member annual statements
  • PERS website updates
  • EDX tip of the month: How to find out why EDX is offline


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