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Oregon Travel and Activity Survey
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What is the Oregon Travel and Activity Survey?

The Oregon Travel and Activity Survey (OTAS) is the first in-depth study of household travel behavior in Oregon in more than 10 years. From April 2009 through November 2011, the Oregon Modeling Steering Committee (OMSC) asked approximately 18,000 households to identify where and how they traveled on a specific, designated travel day (24 hours). In order to ensure a representative sample for the study, each household was also asked a series of detailed questions about the household’s access to transportation and its socioeconomic characteristics. These data will be used to estimate how much travel is generated by all households across the state of Oregon.

Who was asked to participate in the survey?

Participants in the survey were taken from a list of household addresses randomly selected to ensure participation from across Oregon. Households with addresses with listed phone numbers were contacted by phone. Those households without a listed phone were contacted by mail.

How will the OMSC use the information?

Travel forecasts produced by the OMSC's travel models are used to plan for future transportation needs of Oregon, at the state and regional levels. Travel models are used to evaluate, prioritize and design regional transportation projects.

Will personal data be made public?

No, the survey is strictly confidential. Your responses will be separated from your personal identifying information before the information is given to the OMSC. Data provided to the OMSC will be summarized by geographic and socioeconomic categories before being made public.

Why was it important to participate?

Oregon has more than 1,500,000 households. When a household participates, they ensure their travel behavior and needs were accounted for. This helps the OMSC build a more complete and accurate portrayal of local transportation needs.

Your local, state, and federal officials depend on the OMSC's recommendations when making important transportation decisions. The OMSC must demonstrate their models are reasonably accurate for communities throughout each region, meaning current travel data is a critical component of these analytical tools.

How can I get information about this survey?

For additional questions, please contact Becky Knudson at 503-986-4113, with the Oregon Department of Transportation.