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​​​​​Take your career to t​he next level!

​Become an Oregon Home Care Commission certified Community Health Worker

Who are Community Health W​orkers?

  • Certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) help people adopt healthy behaviors and navigate the health system.
  • CHWs usually share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, or life experience with those they serve.
  • CHWs work for their local hospitals and clinics or Coordinated Care Organization to deliver culturally appropriate health education.
  • CHWs promote, maintain, and improve individual and community health.  
  • CHWs may provide information on available resources,
    • connect people to social supports,
    • provide informal counseling,
    • advocate for individual and community health needs,
    • and provide services such as blood pressure screening or other health prevention screenings.


Unlike HCW and PSW, CHWs are employed by:

  • Patient-Center Primary Care Home,
  • Hospital or clinics
  • County medical services
  • Coordinated Care Organization,
  • Community-based organization

CHWs are responsible for exploring and securing their own employment opportunities. We estimate the salary range to be between $15 to $21 per hour.​​​​

How to become a CHW

Are you​​​​ an active Homecare or Pe​​rsonal Support Worker? If so, you may be eligible to take the free OHCC 96-hour Community Health Worker training.

To become a ​​CHW:

Training will cover:

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Communication
  • Oral and self-care
  • Nutrition
  • Many other topics are covered in this 96-hour training

Contact us to lear​n more

To learn about our next CHW certification schedule in your area, contact us at
OHCC.CHW@odhsoha​​ or call 877-880-8071, option 1

550 Capitol Street NE
Basement Floor
Salem, OR 97301

​Community Health Workers

A Community Health Worker is one of five types of Traditio​nal Health Workers (THW).

  1. Community Health Workers. Assist individuals and their community to achieve positive health outcomes
  2. Personal Health Navigators. Assist individuals to achieve positive health outcomes​
  3. Peer Support Specialists. Focus on recovery from addiction/mental health conditions
  4. ​Peer Wellness Specialists. Focus on recovery from addiction/mental health and physical conditions
  5. ​Birth Doulas. Assist women with pre-natal care