Oregon Intervention System (OIS) is Oregon's system of training and implementing the principles of Positive Behavior Support and Intervention for people who support adults and children with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities who may display challenging behaviors.
The OIS-General course is offered for Personal Support Workers who provide in-home supports through the Oregon Home Care Commission. We contract with OIS Instructors certified through ASI Oregon to provide this training.

The Oregon Home Care Commission offers OIS-G Training for Personal Support Workers in two ways.

OHCC OIS-G T​raining

The Oregon Home Care Commission offers OIS-G Training at no cost for Personal Support Workers who

  • Have an active PSW Provider Number or can show proof of approved, paid employment through a Community Developmental Disability Program (CDDP), Children's Intensive In-Home Services (CIIS), or Brokerage.
  • Can show proof of paid hours as a PSW in one of three full calendar months prior to submitting the request form.
  • Have completed at least two Oregon Home Care Commission training classes (except MoneyWise and Challenging Behaviors).

After submitting an OIS-G Trainin​g Request Form, you will be contacted to register for an OIS-G Training.

This two-day training is provided at no cost to Personal Support Workers who meet the criteria. A training stipend is not provided.

Exceptional Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

OIS-G is a required component of the Exceptional Personal Support Worker Certificate Program. PSWs enrolled in the Exceptional PSW Certificate Program who do not have ​an OIS-G Certificate will be enrolled in an OHCC OIS-G course. 

Find more information on the Exceptional PSW Certificate Program.​