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Regional Forest Practice Committees are panels of citizens - mandated under Oregon law - that advise the Oregon Board of Forestry on current forestry issues and forest management approaches. Three Regional Forest Practice Committees, serving the Northwest, Southwest and Eastern regions of the state, were created by the 1971 Oregon Forest Practices Act. Under Oregon law, a majority of Regional Forest Practice Committees members must be private forest landowners and logging or forest operations companies.​

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Location: ODF Forest Grove Area Office, 801 Gales Creek Rd. Forest Grove

​Agenda: SW RFPC Agenda_20191024.docxSW RFPC Agenda_20191024.docx

Location: OR Dept of Forestry Grants Pass Office5375 Monument Dr. Grants Pass

Cale​​n​​dar ​2600 State Street
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-945-7502