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Emergency Operations Program

Oregon Department of Transportation has an important supporting role in emergency response and disaster recovery. A functional transportation system is crucial for getting emergency responders and life-saving supplies where they need to go, and in helping promote economic recovery after a disaster.

Contractor Registry

The ODOT Contractors Emergency Registry System (CERS) was started in 2003 to help us quickly find resources that might be needed in the event of an emergency.  Over the last few years, we have experienced several technical issues with the software program written for the CERS registry.  After several valiant efforts to keep it running, we have determined that the CERS database is no longer able to remain a viable software program for us to maintain.

We are asking all of you who were registered in the CERS program to please participate in the ORPIN program.  All contractors currently registered in CERS will receive an email notification of the changes.

We appreciate all of the contractors who participated in the CERS program.

If you would like to be considered to provide goods or services in the event of an emergency, you will need to be registered in the ORPIN system.

  • If you are not registered in ORPIN, please do so by going to and clicking on Supplier Registration in the menu bar.  Follow the steps to set up an account, including providing your contact information and indicating which goods/services your company can provide.  There is no cost to register, and as soon as you click the Finish button at the end of the registration your information becomes available for us to report on.
  • If you already have an ORPIN registration, please log into your account to confirm that your contact information and commodity selections are up to date.  This is the information we will rely on to contact vendors for goods/services needed in the event of an emergency so it is crucial that the information is current.  If you've forgotten your login information you can use the "Forgot your password" feature on the login screen to receive a temporary password via email.

For assistance with the registration process, commodity selections or existing accountupdates, please contact the ORPIN Help Desk at 

Public Works and Mutual Aid

Become parties to the Oregon Public Works Emergency Response Cooperative Assistance Agreement:
Local public works agencies in Oregon are invited to become parties to the Oregon Public Works Emergency Response Cooperative Assistance Agreement.
ODOT and many local public works agencies are already parties to the agreement.  The agreement:
  • Enables public works agencies to support each other during an emergency.
  • Provides the mechanism for immediate response to the requesting agency when the responding agency determines it can provide the needed resources and expertise.
  • Sets up the documentation needed to seek maximum reimbursement possible from appropriate federal agencies.  

Public works agencies in Oregon may sign the agreement, or cancel their participation as they wish by giving written notice. ODOT maintains the list of all parties to the agreement and sends an updates list to all parties. 

Emergency Operations room 

Contact Us

Greg Ek-Collins
Emergency Operations Manager

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Emergency Operations Coordinator

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Contractor Registry


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Federal Highway Emergency Relief Manual

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