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Connect Oregon


Investing in Oregon's transportation future

Connect Oregon is an initiative established by the 2005 state legislature to invest in non-highway modes of transportation. Future rounds of the program will fund aviation, rail, and marine projects, and previous rounds included bicycle/pedestrian and transit projects. These infrastructure projects ensure Oregon's transportation system is strong, diverse, and efficient. For the seven competitive cycles there have been:

  • 221 projects selected through a competitive process
  • $463 million awarded
  • $665 million leveraged via applicant match
New Competitive Round
The next competitive grant opportunity for the Connect Oregon Grant Fund will be open Jan. 11-Feb. 29, 2024. About $46 million is available for eligible aviation, marine and rail transportation projects. 

Visit the “Application Documents and Review Information” accordion down below to learn more about the program, eligibility requirements, and application process. Public, private and nonprofit entities are eligible to apply. A link to the web-based application will be made available on January 11.

Anticipated Timeline:
  • Staff Review – March-April
  • Area Commission on Transportation & Modal Committee Review – May-July
  • Final Review Committee – August-September
  • Oregon Transportation Commission - October





Regional Solutions Team Comments

Previous Competitive Round

The Department completed a competitive grant process in May 2022 with the Oregon Transportation Commission selecting projects at their regular meeting. Key details about the size and scope of the program:

  • Approximately $46 million was made available for award by the Oregon Transportation Commission
  • Aviation, marine and rail transportation projects are eligible.
  • 30% required match for projects (50% required for Class I railroads).
  • 21 projects selected for funding
  • Projects that are approved or under construction can be located using an online mapping tool

Program Changes Since CO VI
The passage of HB 2017 in 2017 and HB 2592 made significant changes to the program, which will make the process look a little different from the previous competitive cycle of CO VI in 2015-2016:

Connect Oregon funds “transportation projects” which per statute means a project or undertaking for rail, marine or aviation capital infrastructure, including bridges, or a project that facilitates the transportation of materials, animals or people. This does not include maintenance, ongoing operations, or planning efforts that do not result in construction. 

Projects eligible for funding from highway fund revenues that come primarily from state fuel taxes, vehicle title and registration fees, and heavy truck fees (section 3a, Article IX of the Oregon Constitution, the Highway Trust Fund), are not eligible for Connect Oregon funding. If a highway or public road element is essential to the complete functioning of the proposed project, applicants are encouraged to work with their ODOT region, city, or county to identify the necessary funding sources.​



  • Monthly Progress Report: Used to evaluate project performance, due the 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • Request for Change Order: Must be submitted for approval prior to any changes to project scope or delivery schedule.
  • Project Acceptance: Completed by the ODOT project liaison and signed by recipient upon project completion.
  • Project Performance Report: Fillable form addressing the measurement of success and job creation as specified in the application; to be submitted by the recipient within 18 month of receiving project acceptance.
  • Reimbursement Request:​ Used to request reimbursement for project expenses paid by the funding recipient. 


For policy and proposed projects:
Email John Boren
Freight Program Manager
Telephone 503-951-0166

For grants awarded or projects underway:

Email Cece Gilbert
Connect Oregon Program Manager
Telephone 503-986-3528

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