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Specialized Electrical Inspector

Course description

The Specialized Electrical Inspector (SEI) course explains the codes and processes for inspecting non-complex commercial electrical installations covered by the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code. The course addresses the components of electrical installations that are verified during the inspection process pursuant to OAR 918-098-1580(1)(a): “Specialized Electrical Inspectors may conduct electrical inspections in buildings less than 75 feet above grade as defined in the Oregon Structural Specialty Code where the building service or the feeder to the electrical installation being inspected is not more than 400 amps at less than 150 volts to ground or 200 amps at 150 volts or more to ground.“

The course is taught through interactive training between the instructor and students, specific questions and assigned research, a progress review, and final review. Students who complete the course will be issued an Oregon Specialized Electrical Inspector certification.

  • Syllabus
  • Enrollment policies - View requirements for attendance, course work, and receiving certification


  • Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC); and
  • Residential Electrical Inspector (CAE) certification and
  • Have been employed as an inspector and performed inspections as a one- and two-family or residential electrical inspector for at least one year before applying for and being accepted into this course. [OAR 918-098-1580]

Course information

  • Fees: $200 course fee (exam fee included)
  • Length: 12-14 weeks
    • Class days that fall on a state closure will extend the course by one day
      for each occurrence
  • This course is currently offered online only

Required course work

  • Regular progress exams will be assigned throughout the course.
  • Reading assignments or homework may be given at the end of each lesson
  • Quizzes will be given after each lesson, or at discretion of the instructor
  • Progress exams are proctored online via webcam and microphone

State exam

  • Students who complete all course requirements will choose a proctored location to take the state exam.
  • Students may use code book and code reference material
  • Lessons, hand written notes and electronic devices are Not Allowed

Required course materials

inspector training logo 

Course instructor

Tim Zimmerman
Electrical Code Specialist, Trainer