Employee resources and state workforce


Domestic violence supervisor communicationMandatory posting - resource list
Domestic violence co-worker communicationHow to Talk with Someone Who Is Being Abused
Domestic violence workplace effectsTop Ten Things for Employers to Know About Domestic Violence in the Workplace (Employment Law Conference Training for Employer
Employee trainingSample lesson plan
Manager, supervisor, HR traininingSample lesson plan
Safety tipsAssisting Victims at Work
Sample_Resource_List_PosterMandatory posting - resource list
Summary of domestic violence rules posterMandatory posting
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Victim resources

The National Center for Victims of Crime Help Line
(800) FYI-CALL
Address Confidentiality Program​ 
Free mail forwarding service


Center for Hope & Safety
Provides training to state agencies

Bureau of Labor and Industries
Provides training on the employer's responsibilities

Multnomah County
Provides an online training on domestic violence and the workplace

DAS - CHRO - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
Online training for state agencies in iLearnOregon

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